Blake Grad Guides Growing Music Generation

With every new school year comes new faces to Blake, and it’s not just the students. At least 18 new teachers are joining many different departments — but this year, a returning face has got people buzzing. To be specific, the new chorus teacher in the music department. Although he is a new teacher, he is certainly not a new face to the building. Drew Gatlin, the man who was once in a barbershop quartet and has a Goomba on his desk, is now here at Blake.

Mr. Gatlin has been in the chorus since fifth grade and has continued it his whole life. β€œChorus had opened a lot of doors for me and introduced me to all my favorite people,” he states. He has done the all-state chorus to the all-eastern chorus. Plus, he graduated from the one and only James Hubert Blake High School. Well, he is back now and is even reconnecting with his past teachers, this time as a co-worker! With new obligations, Mr. Gatlin sprung into his new job ready to make a good impression.

It has only been 11 days of school and his students have nothing but good things to say about him. Nanette Wyatt, a sophomore from the concert choir, says that he is on her list of favorites and then goes on to say, β€œI enjoy myself in his class.” He is definitely one of those teachers who students will remember for years to come. He attracts people with the kind-hearted spirit that he brings to his class every day. He even told me that it was what made a chorus room, well, a chorus room. This probably makes you want to check out the chorus classes, right?

Fate definitely played a part in choosing Mr.Gatlin to come back to Blake. Even he says it, β€œI had no idea that I’d end up in Blake… the stars sort of just aligned… and I got the job.” So it just worked out for everyone. 

Day by day, all of his chorus and guitar classes work together to sing or play beautiful melodies. To see him and all of his student’s work, you should attend the Winter Concert on December 20th. Bring a friend or come to talk to him after the performance! If you’d like to chat during school hours, Mr. Gatlin is usually in his office in the music department hallway. Don’t be shy or nervous, he really is a sweetheart.

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