Blake Music Straight Superior Festivals Scores

Congratulations to Blake Music for their superior ratings at festival over the past few weeks! The chorus, band, and orchestra alike, all returned with one’s in both their performance and sight reading portions. Ones are considered the highest score you can get in choral and instrumental music adjudications.

After navigating through two years of virtual practices and performances, the effort put in by both staff and students during their first year back has paid off. β€œThis was a really good way to come back from covid. [To] go and get superiors shows all the effort put in by the music department. I’m very proud of us and how well all our directors did with bringing us together after two years of being in quarantine,” says junior choral student, Carlee Bueso.

Despite the minimal impromptu practices held by multiple ensembles, including all choruses and bands, our Bengals still came out on top! Every student showed their dedication by practicing daily at home, or working hard during free time at school. Junior flutist Ava Monroe states, β€œIt was somewhat unexpected because it was hard to get all four classes in one spot to practice. We didn’t get a lot of practice time with each other, [but] I think that compared to the other schools we definitely put in a lot of work for the amount of players we have. It takes a lot of individual effort for a large band to sound good.”

Junior Hoclin Molina was lucky enough to have participated in not only the band and orchestral performances, but the choral performance as an accompanist. Molina was astonished by the music departments success, revealing that, β€œIt felt great because [each group getting straight ones] hasn’t happened in a long time. Everyone is super proud of it. Being a part of all three of the performances was even better.” 

Great job to our Bengals for their success at festival. We hope to see these scores again next year.

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