Lock Your Cars

Recently in Maryland there has been an increase in car break-ins. Seven teens were arrested for the theft of a Hyundai in Montgomery. Prince George’s county had an incident where several cars were broken into during a funeral. Across Potomac, MD there is a suspect from New York suspected of breaking into 18 cars. 

Senior Michael Vera emphasizes the fear they feel now, β€œI feel unsafe, it makes me more vigilant when I go out- especially at night. Which is a good thing because I am more aware of my surroundings.”

These thieves don’t just break into one or two cars in the same location, their minimum is at least 20. The people behind these actions are often young adults. The most common cars being broken into are Hyundais, Hondas, Kias, Nissans and Toyotas. 

β€œI feel tense about the fact that I could be at risk of losing my valuables and it makes me act more cautious with my car,” says worried student driver Gabriel Flores.

There’s not much you can do to avoid being a victim to these burglaries, but there are some tips you can take into consideration.

  1. Keeping your car clean 

Thieves like to window shop, so seeing a clean car may not interest them. Hopefully this gives you a reason to start cleaning your cars. 

  1. Secure your car 

Don’t forget to roll your windows back up and lock your car. Maybe even invest in a car alarm. There are also devices to help lock your steering wheel. Many people have gone online to get tire locks as well, due to the thieves also taking tires. Brake locks, dash cams, gear locks, and kill switches are also very useful. 

  1. Remember to not leave any valuables inside your car 

They might decide not to take the car but they might decide to take anything in the car.

If you see any activity of the sort please report to the police ASAP.