Where Did the Mirrors Go??

Most people have noticed by now that some of the bathrooms are missing most or all of their mirrors. Students speculated that it might be because of people crowding the bathroom mirrors to get ready, or that people have been stealing mirrors (again). According to a letter sent out to staff, it’s actually due to many students inappropriately using the bathrooms which we all know isn’t new. Smoking is a huge issue in the bathrooms so the school’s solution is to prop bathroom doors open at all times. Because of this, students passing by in the hallways are able to see inside and the mirrors violate the privacy of those using the bathrooms, leading to the mirrors being removed from outside of the stalls.

Many students, including myself, are opposed to the mirrors being removed. Most bathrooms now only have one mirror which gets super crowded and the hallways get even noisier than they already are. This makes it difficult for anyone to actually use the mirror if they’re constantly crowded. Blake Beat editor Lauren Ambe also states that the fact that the mirror is right in front of the door is uncomfortable in itself since anyone walking past can see in. 

Overall, this is just an inconvenience to those who don’t misuse the bathrooms and it doesn’t seem like it’s accomplishing anything regarding the issue.

Although this change is to help prevent smoking in the bathrooms, it doesn’t seem to be an effective solution. Students continue to smoke in the bathrooms that aren’t open; just one sniff gives it away. 

Taking away the mirrors and keeping bathroom doors open isn’t an effective way to handle the issue at hand: students using drugs at school. It’s been pretty prominent for the last two years and without directly addressing the issue & enforcing appropriate consequences, change doesn’t seem likely. Staff and security should take this more seriously than they currently are, especially considering the rise of overdoses in the county.