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On a scale of 1-10 how difficult are AP classes?

Reese: It completely depends on the teacher and class. I HIGHLY recommend AP psych because the content is relatable and for me so easy to grasp. ONLY take APs for subjects you actually care about, you have NO BUSINESS taking AP Bio if you wanna be an English Major. AP Lang IS JUST WRITING, J U S T WRITING so if you dont wanna write, don’ttttttt take it. 

Lexa: ^^^ What Reese said! I recommend AP Human Geography taught by Mr. Danis. I am taking it since I want to be a history teacher myself, so like Reese said only take it if it will benefit you in the long run.

Indira: I will say a lot of them are way easier than they seem. It definitely varies from teacher to teacher.

Lauren: The difficulty level of the classes varied. The English and math AP classes are definitely harder than your average class but if you are looking for a challenge taking an AP course is for you. 

Yacine: The difficulty of an AP class depends on the teacher. I am taking AP Human Geography with Mr. Danis and AP Lang with Mr. Kelley and they are both not difficult because the teachers make it easy. Don’t take a lot of AP classes in your senior year or if you want to take AP classes take those that interest you! Take an AP class for the right reason, not just for colleges but to gain experience and knowledge about a field. Know what you can manage and can’t manage. 

Best place to eat lunch?

Tokyo: Wouldn’t know. I starve myself during lunch and go hoop

Reese: anywhere but the cafeteria

Indira: Ideally a teacher’s class

Lauren: The cafeteria is the worst place to eat lunch. Covid epicenter for real. 

Nate: I would definitely recommend finding a classroom to have lunch. It beats tripping people and getting dirty on the hallway floors or the crowds in the cafeteria. Lunch is also a great time to get involved in clubs so maybe try out a few of those too. (I highly recommend joining model UN, I am totally not the president)

Yacine: In classrooms or during club meetings because they are quieter than the cafeteria and they are not crowded.

What is something you wish you knew as a freshman?

Reese: That Covid would happen, L M A O 

Lexa: I wish I knew that I didn’t have to try and fit in tbh. When I was a freshman I made myself really uncomfortable because I thought to fit in in high school I had to be feminine. I hope you guys find yourselves sooner than I did T-T.

Lauren: BE YOURSELF!!! It’s so tiring trying to be like everyone else and you will enjoy highschool so much more. Dress however you want. Act however you want. Just be authentic to yourself.

Nate: What Lauren and Lexa said. High school is so much different than middle school and learning to be yourself is definitely a journey that we all take. But once you’re comfortable, express yourself and try to have fun!

Yacine: I wish I knew more about AP classes, especially AP French so I could have taken it during my freshman year because I am fluent in it and I would have more space in my schedule during my senior year. Believe in yourself. Go to events and get involved in clubs. Know about the resources and opportunities such as SMOB, MCR, etc. Have activities outside of school or hobbies. Take classes that push you to wake up early on school days or come to school or even make you love school. 

How do I make women not afraid of me? 

Lauren: ask them out, tell them where you’re taking them, pick them up, instead make a detour, blindfold them by putting a bag over their head, knock them out, drive outside of the state border, and dump them on the side of the road

Yacine: Be respectful and calm. Don’t try to control them. Start through friendship.

Taylor: Show common human decency!! Be respectful, listen to what they’re saying, and be polite. And please take the hint if they’re really not into you, it’s not that hard to tell. Don’t keep pressuring them or asking them over and over again because it really justΒ makes them more agitated and afraid.Β 

Autumn: Watch them from the shadows. Subconsciously they’ll feel like they have a protector watching over them so they’ll feel really safe and like you already know each other. Alternatively, before you initiate any conversation with a woman, shout β€œBE NOT AFRAID” so that all of the women in the vicinity know you are an ally! ✊ 

Can I go home after 7th period?

Lauren: BFFR…yes you can

Yacine: Yes

Autumn: It’s complicated. If you try and walk out of the main entrance before the clock strikes 12 all of the security guards in the school actually run to the doors and lock arms to trap you in the school and then they set you on fire, so I wouldn’t recommend that. Normally what I do is I just go out the window. The motion sensing security measures still detect the movement but it takes longer for the security guards to get there so I’m more likely to escape, especially if I have my running shoes on that day.

How can you maintain a positive mentality when high school is stressing you out?

Morgan: personally I set time for myself on the weekends to hang out b myself and plan my next week

Yacine: Think about those situations that you have overcome. Turn the negative into positive.

Taylor: I try to make sure there are activities in my week that I enjoy, and I make time to hang out with my friends and dedicate myself to my hobbies. I find that having moments in each week to destress and do something fun really helps me stay positive amongst my crazy schedule.

Nate: Hey just remember that problems are only temporary, in a few weeks you will have forgotten about all your current assignments or stressors. Likewise, getting them done as soon as possible, can alleviate stress later down the line. I always like to ask myself what’s the worst that could happen? And then the worst case scenario you realize is never likely to happen or not as bad as it seems.

Autumn: I can get a little melancholy sometimes, but then I remember that being sad is cringe and that I need to get back on my 🐺 alpha 🐺 grindset 🐺

How do you ask a person you find attractive their name?

Nate: Compliment them (Not in a creepy way, I would suggest their shoes or a shirt they are wearing. If they’re a stranger don’t talk about their eyes or hair or anything), introduce yourself, then politely ask their name.

Lauren: Don’t psych yourself out. Just because they are attractive doesn’t mean that they’re unattainable. A simple hello, what’s your name? Should do the trick.

Autumn: Don’t ask their name, doing this seems weak and will ruin your chances. If you were actually cool and important, you wouldn’t want something as irrelevant as their name. Asking might give them an inflated sense of importance, so I would recommend body slamming them into the ground immediately when you first approach them so they’re forced to acknowledge you as the alpha unquestioningly. This is how I introduced myself to my boyfriend and we’ve been together for four years! 

How do I cut people off when they trauma dump and then manipulate me, when I still feel bad for them?


Morgan: ^^^ if they are doing it on purpose like they know what they are doing then when you cut them off don’t feel bad because it was for your own mental state not theirs

Lexa: I have been through this so I know exactly what position you’re in. My biggest piece of advice is that you should start ghosting them. Little by little stop replying, stop hanging out as much, etc. I know it is hard and I know you’ll feel guilty, but in the long run it’s so much better for you to cut off that toxicity.

Taylor: Try to talk to them about how their trauma-dumping makes you feel and how it impacts your mental health. If they aren’t willing to talk to you respectfully or they try to manipulate the conversation to benefit them, cut off contact. Block their number, social media, ignore them when you see them in person, etc. You don’t deserve to be treated like that, and they need to understand that. 

Autumn: Eliminate them

Why do all of the upperclassmen make fun of the freshman?

Nate: When you become an upperclassman, you’ll understand and you’ll do it too. But none of it should be taken personally.

Morgan: it’s not making fun of you guys more like silly banter unless someone is actually pointing at you. Y’all are new to the school and some are still trying to find out where they belong as to where they are people who have been here for four years. 

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