The Ultimate Compilation of TBB’s Pets

After nearly an entire year of getting to know everyone, we learned most students in The Blake Beat have pets. There’s a lot of non-traditional pets, too. So we’ve put together a collection of everyone’s pets and a little about them. There are:

  • 10 dogs
  • 3 cats
  • 1 ferret
  • 2 geckos
  • 4 snakes
  • 1 chinchilla
  • 1 bearded dragon
  • 2 stuffed animals (included for fun)

Enjoy as we spew about our love for our pets!!

Lexa’s Pets


He’s like a cat. He literally sunbathes and sleeps and eats like he doesn’t get fed daily. He always gets into stuff that he shouldn’t. He has, like, 100 names: bababooey, booey, boofy, racky, stinkyfur, furball, the rockstar, and rocky-rocky are some examples.


She is so smelly. She literally sleeps for like 12 hours a day and the other hours she fights some demons or pushes stuff over and makes a mess. She’s so spoiled and has to have her food crushed up, and she likes to eat on my bed with a blanket on her. She loves giving kisses and she is so ugly /pos. She’s hideous /pos. Whenever I get mad at Yogurt I threaten to feed her to Rocky.

Mandy’s Pets


Clover is my first ever pet, and pretty much just acts as your standard dog. He’s a mini-goldendoodle, and has really short legs. He loves playing with toys, running around, snuggling with us, and licking EVERYTHING. He also has very human eyes which creeps my friends out. He barks too much at nothing special. (as an asian I was required to have a small crusty white dog but I take a lot of care to make sure he’s not crusty)


Pinky is my first Webkinz from when I was 5 years old and has somehow become TBB’s mascot so she’s included here too. Nothing special about her but everyone loves her. She’s pretty soft. She’s a cheerleader in my Webkinz world.

Tokyo’s Cats


Cloudy is the most curious cat I’ve ever seen. Very agile, very cuddly, very attention seeking, very hyper, and very athletic. She’s very strong compared to Citrus.


My pride and joy. Citrus is not as curious as Cloudy, but he loves anything color related. He’s also cuddly, but you have to be scratching him repeatedly. His favorite spot is behind his left ear. He also loves belly rubs. Whenever he gets scared he likes to go under something dark. When he’s tired he likes to sleep on my sibling’s bed. He understands English and enjoys having conversations with me at 2am. He’s a big baby but you can definitely tell he’s an older brother towards Cloudy. He also likes Kanye.

Reese’s Pets


He smells. He’s very smelly. Sometimes he gets really moody, he’ll become a moody teenager and he’ll fill his beard with blood so it gets all black. He’s not aggressive though. He licks everything. Everything under the sun has had his tongue on it. He likes looking at windows and watching TV. He likes the sun, obviously. If you take him out after fifteen minutes he’ll find a dark spot and go to sleep (that’s his favorite thing to do). He once bit my toe and that’s the meanest thing he’s ever done.


My brother, when we were going to Delaware, said, β€œYou know, if you look at Roo’s collar it kinda looks like it says pee-poo.” So now we call him pee-poo sometimes. He really likes food, he’s very rambunctious and nice. He’s very sweet and lets you put your finger in his mouth. He doesn’t know how to jump though, he can’t finish his jumps so he needs help. He can be very mellow, he gets very excited when Cole and I get home from school. He’s one year old and new to the house so he’s still kinda going through trash and taking items outside (like my mom’s slipper). At 3am you’ll hear a scratch at your door and you’ll let him in and he just walks around, sniffs, and leaves.

Sofia’s Dog:


She’s really mean and she’s spoiled, but I love her. She’s really mean to other dogs, like she doesn’t like dogs at ALL LOL, but she likes people and attention and she’s super spoiled, but I love her. She’s very sweet when she wants to be. She doesn’t sleep in her dog bed, she insists on sleeping in my mom’s bed. Violet refuses to eat on anything that isn’t a plate. She’s a taurus. My mom thinks Violet thinks she’s human, which is why she doesn’t like to do dog things. She’s a lhasa apso and she’s from Florida.

Alayna’s Dog:


She is a pitbull and really old (12). She acts like a puppy though. She loves people, she’ll drag me to the neighbors when I’m walking her. It’s really annoying but everyone’s obsessed with her. She likes kids and babies but not other dogs. She has enemies in the neighborhood and whenever we walk by them she’ll get really angry and bark at them. She’s obviously gay, because she really likes Ella. I’ve had her since she was 3, probably. We used to own her mom but she passed away a while ago. She cries all the time to be played with.

Grey’s Very Many Pets


Pickle eats babies (it’s a joke when people ask about my pets, I say they eat babies). Pickle kinda hates people. She was born funky, she has a hair lip and was born undersized but she doesn’t know that. When she sees Mango she’ll try to bite at her through the glass. She likes people though. She’s kinda sassy and glares at everything all the time but because her eyes are so dark you can’t tell. She’s very sweet as far as reptiles go because reptiles can’t feel love.


Mango has one brain cell in her upperhead all the time. She does a blank stare all the time. She tries to eat everything and she poops on everything, so the thing I like to say about her is that if you hold her for three minutes and she poops on you she likes you. She’s very jumpy and likes jumping into the nearest wall. She loves to eat and she’s kinda fat.


Bread for a long time we knew nothing about him because he would never come out of his hide. Whenever he WOULD come out he would curl up in a ball and hide his face. He doesn’t like people, he doesn’t like my phone camera, so whenever I hold him he just curls around my head and sits there. He doesn’t have much of a personality.


We’ve had Germaine for about 6 years. She’ll eat anything: mice, rats, babiesβ€”but she’s actually very good with people and tolerant. She has a neurological syndrome called spider syndrome so she’s very sensitive to touch, especially to her head. But she’s very cool with you going up to her cage and picking her up for a bit.


Ventress really doesn’t like people and will hiss at everything. She’ll stare at you until you leave the room. If you handle her, she’ll just leave and go to different places. When we clean her cage we have to put her in a box with a towel in it so she doesn’t try to leave.


Strahd is a little @sshole who bites everything. Whenever I clean his tank he bites me, every single time.


Zelda is the only animal pet we’ve had, and we’ve had her for about a month. She likes to jump on people, especially when they’re carrying heavy things. She likes to sit in very weird poses. Besides that, she’s your regular sweet puppy. She likes meeting new people. She likes running in the street whenever we walk her. I have to walk in the street so she doesn’t go in the street and die.

Indira’s Chinchilla

Dutchess Kiwi Lemon Dinosaur (Kiwi):

I named her in seventh grade. We have this wooden room in our basement and Kiwi just eats it as she wishes to. She’s very spoiled. Her favorite snack is cheerios. Her favorite sport is acrobatics, she can jump three feet in the air. She can be very aggressive with other animalsβ€”she likes people, just not other animals.

Viet’s Pets


She’s 2 years old. She’s aggressive but she’s sweet (sweet aggression). She’ll love you but she’ll jump on you hard. Fights Adonis a lot. She’s a sweetheart once you get through all the energetic stuff. And she listens! Sort of.


I’ve had him since seventh grade. If anything, he’s really loyal to my mom. To me, he’s a d!ck. I love him, he’s a sweetheart to everyone, but he’s a d!ck. He also listens. He hates bunny rabbitsβ€”it’s weird, I have to, like, hold him back from them. His favorite rapper is Chance the Rapper. He’s really chill, though.


Froggo is not a pet, really, but that’s my stuffed animal companion. My partner in crime. The worst person on Earth. He’s at least 100 something years old in frog years. His grandfather was the one who saw Adam and Eve. When reality broke, we had to fix it (you know, in freshman year, when Endgame was going down). Froggo hates most girls.

Chris’s Dog


My dog is an English Coonhound. We adopted him about two years ago. He’s really anxious. Whenever someone walks by or window he barks at them. We have to put him in the basement at night so he doesn’t wake us up with his barking. He really likes attention and jumping on the couch but we’ve taught him to not do that. The best way to sum up how he is is just anxious.

Mr. O’Toole’s Dog


She’s playful, energetic, and sweet. She’s a bichion-yorkie mix, and she’s two years old (she’s a pandemic puppy!). We were sitting around and realized we were going to be at home for at least 6 months, so we thought, “Let’s do it!”

Honorable Mention: Quynhan’s Cat


As TBB’s biggest fan, Quy’s cat will be mentioned upon thier request. They say, “My cat, Dumpy, does not smell at all. In fact, he smells great. He regularly cleans himself and is taken to the groomers. The Blake Beat loves Dumpy.”

At the moment, we’re considering opening a Pet of the Week/Day/Month (depending on submissions) column to all of Blake! If you would like your pets to be featured on The Blake Beat or TBB’s Instagram, DM pictures of your pet with their name and a small description for the chance to have them featured!

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