The COVID Vaccination Process from Students’ Perspectives

Maryland has successfully gone through vaccination phases 1A through 2B. We are currently in phase 3, which is allowing vaccinations for everyone 16 and up. Maryland’s vaccination sites have started to add walk-in opportunities, but the best way to ensure you get a vaccine in a timely manner is still by following the steps of preregistration. The first step of preregistration is creating an account through a vaccination site’s website. Once your account has been created there will be a series of questions asked regarding your health and where you would like to be vaccinated.Β Β 

Once arriving at the vaccination site, the process moves very quickly. After being asked a few questions that also appeared on the preregistration website, you will be guided to a station where they give you the vaccine. Once you are vaccinated, you will be asked to wait for at least 15 minutes just in case there are any reactions to the vaccine.

A lot of teenagers are relentless to getting the vaccine because they feel as though COVID-19 will not affect them personally. However, the amount of teens who want to be a part of the reason this country goes back to normal outshines the few who are choosing to ignore the problem at hand. 

Senior Abigail Aronne says, β€œGetting the vaccine means that we could possibly, maybe not soon, get a sense of normalcy back. It means possibly saving a life because you never know.”

Blake students were a little nervous about getting vaccinated because of how fast the approval process was, but they all knew that the end result would be worth it. To say that you are vaccinated is an honor that should be greatly appreciated. To many people, the vaccination is only the beginning of a new way of life. As a teenager, it is taking on a responsibility that could change everything for the better.Β 

Senior Jillian Kabik says, β€œI am playing a part in keeping myself and others safe. Getting vaccinated shows that I believe that COVID-19 is real and should be taken seriously.”

A lot of times you may hear people complaining about the pandemic and the state of this country today. There are people who complain about wearing a mask and some who refuse to wear a mask. The pandemic will not go anywhere if nothing is being done about it. 

Senior Josh Mims says, β€œIt means taking accountability. Everyone wants the pandemic to be over and choosing not to get vaccinated doesn’t really help anyone.”

However, there are still a lot of people who are unable to get the vaccine due to beliefs, age, health conditions, or parental restrictions. Sophomore Malinda Asumeng says, β€œMy mom isn’t comfortable with me getting it.” Situations like this are perfectly fine as long as the recommended safety precautions are being taken to keep yourself and others safe.

If you are someone in this situation, do not feel pressured to get vaccinated if it is not in your best interest. But, please make sure that you are encouraging others who may feel comfortable to get the vaccine so we can build herd immunity and keep each other safe.Β