Stats & Stripes 11/15

  • 4 – days until the next performance of Seussical

The next performance happens this Friday at 7:30 pm, and tickets cost $15 for students and $20 for non-students. The show is mainly based on Dr. Seuss’ story Horton Hears a Who, but it combines many of Seuss’ other stories as well. Go support Blake Stage Company by going to watch their spectacular Seussical

  • 18 – days Montgomery County has had no mask mandate

The mask mandate ended on Oct. 28 after a week of moderate transmission in Montgomery County, and there hasn’t been a week of substantial transmission since. The mandate continues on public transportation and in public schools, and is just one drop in a sea of changing COVID guidelines.

  • 35 – amount of million metric tons of methane North America produces every year.

North America is actually the fourth largest emitter of methane in the world, following Asia, China, and Africa, respectively. At the COP26 climate conference last week, roughly 100 nations (including the US) promised to cut methane emissions by 30% from their 2020 levels in 2030, though the three largest emitters of methane (China, Russia, and India) refused to do so.

  • 8- amount of Elementary Charles County kids that ate an edible during recess

Last Monday, eight students at C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School in Waldorf were caught passing around a bag with a label that contained edible candy. A teacher confiscated the bag and reported the incident to school administrators. 911 was called for medical assistance, but none were hospitalized and none of them showed symptoms. Luckily, the kids are in good health.

  • 2- amount of times a Silver Spring synagogue has been burglarized the past two months

A synagogue in Silver Spring has been robbed twice in the past two months. In the most recent robbing, which happened on Sep. 21, it was reported that a man broke in at 3 a.m. and was seen on surveillance moving from room to room. In the September attack, a man stole cash from a collection jar and an envelope containing cash from an employee’s desk as well as property.

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