R&B artist Ne-Yo upholds prestige in music industry with new album

Singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and more, Ne-Yo maintains his reputation in the entertainment industry with his recent album release, reminding listeners of his artistic achievements and stellar music quality.

Ne-Yo, born as Shaffer Chimere Smith, has written catchy tunes with messages that never degrade women and instead talk of his appreciation for them. The style of pop and contemporary R&B leaves you bobbing your head to the catchiness and nodding to the message. Some of his greatest songwriting successes include Irreplaceable performed by Beyonce and Take a Bow performed by Rihanna.

Aside from his collaborations, one of his well known pieces is Miss Independent (2008) where he sings about attraction to women that hold power and are independent. This song won him two Grammys in 2009 for best R&B song and best R&B male vocals.

He released his Good Man album June 8 in which he expressed his β€œremorse letter” ,something that we all write mentally to those we hurt but can never bring ourselves to say. His message is coded in perfect harmonies and soothing rhythm.

His stage presence is a Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars-esque energy that engages anyone who hears. He can mostly be seen wearing his signature fedora and dancing like none other on stage. His level of class and control offers something to the table not common in other artists.

Disney Fans might remember his song Never Knew I Needed, the closing credit song for the 2009 film Princess and the Frog, or his rendition of Friend like Me, a song from the 2015 film Aladdin.
From Disney to his expansion of his own character he has also helped other artists such as Jennifer Hudson get their start in their careers.

However, because of Ne-Yo’s behind the scene efforts to bring other stars to the top, his skill and ability can easily be forgotten or overshadowed by his more well-known counter parts.
This artist makes sure to keep his soulful sound in despite of the change in music culture around him. His songs are credited for offering a sound different from much of the songs we hear today. They are appealing to β€˜old souls’ and new ones.

If you prefer songs that have valuable meaning and heart behind them then Ne-Yo is the way to go. From the great successes with some of his old partners such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Keri Hilson, you can expect the same stellar quality from his own pieces.

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