Mr. Marshall’s First Win as the new Varsity Football Coach

Blake’s Varsity football team earned their first win of the season in a blowout home opener against Northwood,  with a final score of 58-13. Mr. Marshall, the college and career coordinator and former Junior Varsity (JV) coach, made his debut as varsity head coach.

Student Section dressed in USA theme

Friday’s game was a good, β€œcomplete team win,” coach Marshall said. Some of the players who stood out in Friday’s game were  Sophomore Quarterback Kirby Matson, who threw six touchdowns, and Junior Zandrew Kamara, Sophomore Kai Cooper, and Senior Myles Miller, who each had two touchdowns as well. On the defensive end,  Sophomore Jeudi Nunez had 10 tackles and also forced a fumble.

Mr. Marshall describes the experience as β€œsomething [he] will never forget.” Getting his first win with his family and friends watching was success enough, but, getting the game ball was the icing on the cake.

As the new coach, he hopes β€œto set a standard for the Blake Football Way and to create a culture that breeds success on and off the field using accountability.” He and the team are working hard to ensure they’re getting better and stronger each week to have a successful season.

The Bengals will play their next game at Churchill on Friday, September 9. Congratulations to Mr. Marshall and Blake football and good luck on the season!

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