Maryland Pledges to Reduce Carbon Emission

On Nov 20, Governor Larry Hogan announced that Maryland would be the first state to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Climate Challenge. Signed by Secretary Ben Grumbles of the Maryland Department of the Environment, under this pledge Maryland is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% within the next ten years.

Maryland already has a reputation for fighting against climate change. The state notably started to apply laws to our climate impact in 2002, and since then has only joined more programs to promote a change in the global climate crisis. Last year, the World Resources Institute ranked Maryland number one in reducing GHG.

Behind the scenes, the state government is encouraging businesses to try to reduce their carbon emissions. Environmental agencies have been planting more trees while adding more places for people to recycle in public places. 

Aside from the Better Climate Challenge, the most recent climate agreement was made in 2009, but was amended in 2016. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act β€œbill requires the State to achieve a 25 percent reduction in Statewide greenhouse gas emissions from 2006 levels by 2020.” (Maryland Department of the Environment)

Due to Maryland’s location, it’s prone to extreme impact if water levels continue to rise. It likely will impact our good exports and agriculture as well as communities that’re unable to adapt to possible consequences. 

Luckily, both Gov Hogan and Secretary Grumbles (MDE) have guaranteed growth in climate change mitigation. β€œOur commitment to climate progress in the built environment means robust partnerships to shrink greenhouse gas emissions, while growing the economy and strengthening community resilience,” said Grumbles on Maryland’s plan towards reducing their footprint. 

In 2020, they were 5 years ahead of their carbon footprint decrease plan. Maryland is well on their way to a cleaner future. 

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