Ice Spice: Our Modern Day Princess Diana

A new Princess Diana has emerged and is taking over the world of music with her ginger afro and a dream. Nigerian-Dominican Isis Naija Gaston, better known as Ice Spice, is the hottest up-and-coming artist topping the charts right now. Hits like β€˜Bikini Bottom’, β€˜Munch’, β€˜No Clarity’, and β€˜Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 (feature w/ PinkPantheress)’ have been going viral on social media for months, allowing her talent to be recognized by millions. Born and raised in New York City, her music fits the category of rap and hip-hop drill. Her songs are incredibly catchy making them super easy for fans to listen to on repeat.

Unfortunately, like many other Black female artists, her quick come-up was met with futile hate as well. Ice Spice is paving her way in the music industry, yet people unfairly talk down on her and compare her to other mainstream artists like Nicki Minaj, Latto, Megan Thee Stallion, etc. While any white artist with a drop of talent can easily be accepted in society, Black women are pinned against each other as if there can only be one β€œnumber one.” 

People critique Ice Spice’s natural hair, call it a wig and say her hair looks better straight; people say she can’t rap, can’t dress, she’s annoying, ugly, etc. which isn’t the first instance of unnecessary hate towards a Black artist. Ice Spice is undeniably talented and her music is fun and different but she still has to face the harsh yet blatant racism in the music industry. As we already know, Blackness is widely hated by the public. The real question is how this will affect Ice Spice’s developing career.

So far, Ice Spice has only released an EP and several singles, her latest one being the Princess Diana remix with Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj without a doubt has a major influence on the music industry and she often collaborates with upcoming artists giving them more recognition so the remix instantly topped the charts. Nicki Minaj has a ride-or-die fanbase online, the Barbz, who are often overly critical of the people that she collaborates with. Artists that she’s no longer on good terms with sent waves of hate because β€œNicki’s better” in all aspects. Because of this, fans worry about how Ice Spice will be treated in the future now that she has collaborated with Minaj. Not only is her fanbase problematic, but Minaj herself is married to a convicted murderer and r*pist. Overall, Nicki Minaj has been the face of Black female rappers for a while but her influence may put Ice Spice’s reputation at risk.

Currently, Ice Spice is thriving in the industry and has collaborated with prominent brands like SKIMS by Kim Kardashian, Ivy Park by Beyonce, Samsung, Paper Magazine, Dazed Magazine, Vogue, etc. After less than a year of being mainstream, she was also even invited to the Met Gala which is a huge accomplishment so early in her career. Ice Spice is definitely next-up having made it so far so quickly before her debut album. The rapper from the Bronx has rightfully earned her title of β€˜Princess Diana’ and fans hope that she continues to pave her way through our hearts and ears.