Where Was the β€œPep” at Friday’s Pep Rally?: My First Pep Rally Experience

Let’s start at the beginning.

Five minutes before the end of 7th period, the PA system crackled to life. I was bored, scrolling mindlessly through my phone when I heard that people on the second floor would have to wait before leaving for the Pep Rally. Immediately, murmurs of unfairness swept through my class. I groaned. It was just my luck that my 7th period would be on the second floor. 

After I was dismissed from class, I managed to meet a few friends of mine in the crowd. The three-minute journey to the football field wasn’t as horrible as I expected it to be, though the steady stream of seniors leaving in their cars made me wonder just what I had signed up for.

Once I arrived, I was directed to the (almost full) sophomore section by some staff members. I plopped into the first empty space I could find, which was conveniently located right next to the exit. As I waited for the event to start, I watched as around 100 kids managed to squeeze themselves into the bleachers, while noticing how much space the juniors and seniors had in their respective sections.

β€œWhy do they want all of us packed in these bleachers, anyway?” one person behind me muttered.

β€œMaybe there’s going to be a shooting!” their friend exclaimed, laughing. 

That was not funny. If only I had stayed in the auditorium and done my homework.

Once the event had finally started, we underclassmen very quickly noticed that all of the performers were performing with their backs turned to us. I had heard about that happening earlier in the day, but I had naively hoped that the SGA would accommodate everyone, regardless of grade.

Boy, was I wrong.

After the Color Guard and one of our Cheer teams performed, the captains of all of Blake’s fall sports teams spoke to… the juniors and seniors. Even if I had wanted to see who the captains were, I wouldn’t have been able to, as they were too far away.

One good thing happened around this time, though. I saw someone who I haven’t talked to for half a decade, which helped make my bleacher situation less awkward.

But I digress. 

When the results for hallway decorations were announced, I wasn’t surprised that the sophomores lost the contest. While everyone around me was getting over the fact that freshmen got second place, I was bemoaning my grade’s total lack of school spirit.

The β€œMummify a Homecoming Monarch” challenge was next. The best part of that was when the students threw toilet paper rolls in the air after the competition was finished – those β€œstreamers” were actually pretty cool.

When the Homecoming Court was announced, I was surprised that someone I voted for won. Unsurprisingly, the Vice President of the SGA was part of the Junior Court. Mr. Sinclair becoming the Homecoming Monarch genuinely surprised me. Why didn’t students vote for their teachers?

I did have one question about the relay race that followed: who won it? Whispers of cheating spread throughout the stands after a staff member won (I later found out that it was a student). If only the relay had happened close enough to us underclassmen!

But, if you thought that was bad, imagine watching a backward POMS performance. I was left with no option but to stare at my phone (or talk to other people, but I was too tired for that).

Then, the climax of the Pep Rally: Powderpuff. 

To be frank, the boy cheerleaders did a terrible job. Even though I was looking at their backs, I could tell that they didn’t know what they were doing. Hadn’t they practiced at lunch and during 7th period? Would it have made a difference?

At this point, most of my fellow underclassmen decided they were done. Unfortunately, a few teachers stood guard, preventing people who β€œneeded to use the bathroom” from leaving. (If anyone actually had to use the bathroom, I feel very sorry for them.)

Finally, the Junior v. Senior football game happened. In the middle of the game, however, all the juniors started to leave. The underclassmen quickly followed, some complaining about the lack of tackles in the game. I had considered participating in Powderpuff next year or my senior year, but I changed my mind quickly after hearing that.

All in all, this Pep Rally was definitely disheartening. I’m sure that my experience would have improved if the events had happened close to all of the underclassmen, but that’s not something I have control over. I might attend next year, since I’ll be an upperclassman, but when I’m a senior, don’t expect to see me there.

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