Dramatic DMV Weather

Over the past month, it’s no surprise we’ve had some very odd weather. One week it’s below 20Β° outside and then the next it’s 60Β°. We’re already close to the end of winter and with the recent Groundhog day results, it’s said that we should expect six more weeks of chill, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. 

Just about two weeks ago many of us were hoping for a two hour delay because of expected snow. On Feb. 1, many expected enough snow to have a two hour delay, but were disappointed to find out that school would, in fact, start on time. This was the first, and maybe only, snow we had this winter season and the fact that it was barely even any says a lot.

On the days where it was cold, it also happened to be very windy. It added a whole other level of freezing, which just made it unbearable. Then the next day it could be in the high 50’s and sunny. This past week (Feb. 13-17) has been the warmest we’ve had all winter long. Next week’s regular weather is supposed to be high 50s, low 60s which is showing just how quickly Spring is approaching and winter is sadly leaving. 

This week’s weather has so far been quite warm. Yesterday (Thursday) was supposed to be our warmest day, maybe for all of the winter season, 75Β° and sunny. Great day to go outside, but not so great for our planet as it is February and we’re already seeing summer weather. 

Although this week is supposed to stay in the 50s and 60s, on Saturday we’re going to have one of the coldest days in a while, the highest being 39Β° and the lowest 25Β°.

This was definitely an odd winter. We had a plethora of different seasons mixed into one. Some days it was unbearingly cold, and other days it was warm enough to go out with shorts. Unpredictable weather has come to be expected living in Maryland and, well, the effects of global warming.