Diving into Spring Sports: Volleyball! Which Team to Pick?

Spring sports season has finally arrived and tryouts are soon approaching. Volleyball is one of the spring-season sports at Blake open for tryouts. For those interested in playing for the volleyball team but don’t know whether to play Co-ed or Boy’s Varsity, here are some things you should know before picking. 

If you’re new to volleyball or still learning the ropes, it’s highly recommended that you consider joining the Co-ed Volleyball team. The Co-ed team at Blake is led by Coach Franklin, who has been coaching for three seasons with coaching experience at Watkins Mill and Albert Einstein.  Coach Franklin wants, β€œplayers who can foster team chemistry and have a strong desire to learn and improve.” 

Regardless of your skill level, joining the Co-ed Volleyball team can provide an opportunity for you to enhance your skills and team chemistry. It’s a great way to refine your skills and gain more game experience, before taking the next step towards playing Boys Varsity Volleyball.

On the other hand, if you already have some experience in volleyball, you may want to consider trying out for the Boy’s Varsity Volleyball team, which is coached by Coach Barstow. Coach Barstow teaches both boys and girls volleyball at Blake, and has experience coaching the Columbia Volleyball Club. Boy’s Varsity players are expected to have a strong foundation in essential volleyball skills such as bumps, sets, spikes, and serves.

The tryouts for Boy’s Varsity Volleyball can be rather challenging, and there is a possibility that you may not make it to the team. However, even if you don’t succeed, you should be able to play for the Co-ed team instead which will provide you with the opportunity to play volleyball, gain experience, improve, and try out for the boys’ team again next year.