Beautifully Baked Cookies From β€œBaked for Bub!”

“Baked for Bub” Logo

Cookies are one of the most popular desserts to ever exist, and we all know that they are even better when they are homemade. Whether they are chewy or soft, the comfort we get from its buttery sweetness makes us feel all warm inside. However, sometimes you might not have time to make them. Thankfully, you have β€œBaked for Bub!”

β€œBaked for Bub” is a small cookie business that is based here in Silver Spring that sells great cookies with unique flavors. What makes these cookies so special is that some of them are also influenced by Asian flavors. The incredible owners behind the small business are Lisa Ngo and her fiancΓ©, Alex Tran. 

Some of “Baked for Bub” cookies

Baked for Bub was established in Jan. of 2021 when Lisa decided to share her cookies with everyone else outside of her friends and family. β€œWhen I started dating my now fiancΓ©, I found that he had such a big sweet tooth and I wanted to start trying out recipes for the perfect chocolate chip cookie for him,” said Lisa. β€œOnce I mastered that recipe, I started to experiment with our flavors and really wanted to incorporate Asian flavors into the cookies. I wanted to share the happiness and love my fiancΓ© had for my cookies with everyone else and that’s why I started Baked for Bub.”

Since β€œBaked for Bub” does not actually have a physical shop, Lisa and Alex bake their cookies at home, and orders can either be picked up at a specific location, or delivered to you. The best way to contact the owners and order is to DM them on their Instagram account, @bakedforbub. A Google Form is usually posted on a Sunday, so customers can pick up their orders by the end of the week.

Ube White Chocolate

Now let’s talk about the prices. Each cookie will cost you $2.50. Half a dozen cookies will cost $13, and a dozen will cost $25. The cookies will come in a brown box with a sticker of the β€œBaked for Bub’s” signature logo, and if you buy a single cookie, it will come in plastic packaging with a sticky tab. 

OG Chocolate Chip

I, myself, love β€œBaked for Bub” and their cookies, so here are my top three favorite cookies from them!

Ube White Chocolate: 8/10, the ube is made from purple yam and has a subtle vanilla flavor. The color of the cookie is also very pretty.

OG Chocolate Chip: 9.5/10, this cookie is such a classic that is always good. I love the chocolate chunks, and not to mention, the optional (but kind of necessary) flaky salt is a game-changer.

Guava White Chocolate

Guava White Chocolate: 10/10 the guava paste is super good, and the fruitiness goes really well with the white chocolate chips. This is my personal favorite because of how unique it is.

Lisa and Alex’s hats

The most popular cookies purchased at β€œBaked for Bub” are the guava and ube cookies, which are also highly recommended for first-time customers. Other flavors include matcha white chocolate chip, black sesame chocolate chip, and pandan white chocolate chip. There are also seasonal/limited edition flavors, which currently are peppermint bark, lemon white chocolate chip, and pumpkin spice chocolate chip.

And when picking up or receiving orders via delivery, just in case customers don’t know who to look for, Lisa and Alex wear hats that say “Baker” or “Bub!”

“Nothing is better than hearing that a customer loved the cookies and hope to order again to share with their family and friends,” Lisa expressed. β€œI love being able to share something I’ve worked hard on with others and hear that they like and appreciate it!”

So, if you are ever craving cookies or would like to try a twist on a classic, check out β€œBaked for Bub” on Instagram. Support your local small businesses! Try something new! It is definitely not easy running a small business, so give them some recognition for all of their hard work! β€œBaked for Bub” is such a one-of-a-kind and out-of-the-ordinary cookie business that is great to share with your loved ones or just for yourself! You will not regret buying from them and your first order will leave you wanting more.

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