Are Quarterbacks Running the Show?

When the Most Valuable Player race comes to mind, you probably think of a quarterback. They’re the most praised position when everything is going well and the most hated when times get rough. However, other positions deserve more attention because football is a team sport that can’t just be dominated by one player.

History shows that quarterbacks get all of the credit and all of the blame for almost everything. They call plays in the huddle and are considered the leaders of the offense. But how much can a quarterback do if he doesn’t have any weapons around him? We see Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans thrive without any help, but that’s it. Every other MVP-caliber quarterback has players who can make plays on their own: Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, etc.

According to most reporters, Patrick Mahomes deserves MVP. He’s been playing exceptionally, but what about his overpowered offense? He’s playing alongside the #1 offense in the league and that should be taken into consideration. If Mahomes is taken off the Chiefs, they’re a playoff team. If Running Back Derrick Henry is taken off the Titans, they’re irrelevant. 

The NFL has turned into a passing league, but it’s difficult to throw the ball effectively without a run game: you become predictable. Henry has continued to run all over opposing defenses, rushing for 1,257 yards and 12 touchdowns as of Week 12. He’s been carrying the Titans to the best record in the AFC South but hasn’t been in an MVP conversation because of his position. The MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, not Most Valuable Passer.

Another player to keep in mind is Davante Adams, Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers. Wide receivers have been disrespected throughout the years in the MVP race, most arguing it’s a very dependent position. It is a very dependent position, but some stats just can’t be ignored. He’s been averaging 106 yards receiving per game and 10 touchdown receptions as of Week 12. His MVP-caliber season deserves recognition as he’s a valuable player to his team.

Defense is half of the game so it can’t be forgotten. Los Angeles Rams Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald has continued to have his presence felt in the Front 7. He is leading the league in sacks with 10 as of Week 12. He’s shown that he’s the most valuable defensive player in the NFL, but he will not get the recognition he deserves.

Not only do quarterbacks get too much credit: they also get too much blame. Carson Wentz, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been getting criticized all year because of his β€˜poor’ play. What the critics don’t realize is that the Eagles have been cursed with injuries. Wentz can have superb talent, but he’s going to struggle if he’s throwing to undrafted free agents. These are components outside of Wentz’s control so the blame shouldn’t be poured on him.

Approaching the end of the regular season, there is still not a definite MVP. We shall see what the rest of the season holds. Who do you think will win? Respond to the poll on our Instagram (@blakebeat).