The House Review

A few weeks ago, as I was scrolling through Netflix with my best friend, we stumbled across this stop motion animation film called β€œThe House.” I’ve seen it on my For You Page on tiktok a few times and thought it looked decently interesting. So we decided to put it on. And oh my god?

The concept of the film centers around the multiple generations of people living in this one house. It starts from this poor Victorian-esque family, to this tiny little mouse, to post apocalyptic cats. It all makes sense, I swear. 

The movie itself is an hour and a half long, with the three mini films mentioned running about half an hour each. You don’t have to have to watch it all in one sitting, but some set or props details from the other plots carry over.

The first two are more horror based with really jarring endings. Although there aren’t any jump scares or classic horror movie tropes, they both leave you feeling uneasy and extremely uncomfortable.

If those aren’t your taste, skip all the way until you see a cat wearing khakis. You’ll grow to love her and her little gang of tenants. Whether it be a hippie cat and her hippie boyfriend, a broke but artist, or the protagonist herself who’s on a mission to revamp what once was a beautiful house. 

My favorite mini film was the one about a contractor mouse, who’s just trying to sell his newly built house. However, one issue is this constant bug infestation. Despite this, these strange guests appear and make their home there against the lil mousey’s will. The bugs do a little dance for some reason? And the ending comes full circle, somehow linking every detail back to each other. The saddest part is that a fish dies. RIP fish.

It doesn’t take a keen eye to appreciate the insane felt work that happens during the film. They somehow make food and ground look wet without using actual water, not to mention the smoke during the Victorian segment. It was all extremely impressive and it takes more than one watch to catch all the fine details,

Although I’m not one to ask, the theme of all the mini movies was that the house was holding everyone back, even though all the characters saw it as freedom. Whether it be a poor family that wants a better life, a contractor mouse, or a landlord cat that simply wants her tenants to start paying rent. 

It is absolutely worth a watch, even if you can’t really handle a thriller. Think…darker Wes Anderson. It’s incredibly captivating and is such an underrated gem.

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