Stats and Stripes 12/16

  • 4: Days until Winter break 

Only 4 more school days until we are free of school for some time. We’ll be able to go outside and fail miserably at building a snowman and then proceed to go inside and relax by the fireplace. We’re so close to our 2 weeks of freedom. 

  •  9: Days until Christmas

Adding onto that last fact, days are counting down until we’re able to kick our feet up, eat cookies, and binge all the Home Alone movies. It’s only a few more days until we can wind down and enjoy quality time with our family members who apparently all changed our diapers as kids.

  • 60%: Of The U.S Population is fully vaccinated

Seems that numbers are fluctuating with vaccinations. Even though the weekly change went down by 3.8%, there was still a whooping 2.03m of full doses given. More and more people are getting the vaccine with over half of the U.S Population being fully vaccinated. 

  • 59%: Covid death increase

Unfortunately, vaccine doses are not the only rates that have gone up. Covid-19 deaths have gone up 59% since June and spiked with there being 2,787 deaths on the 24th of September. Hopefully the percentage will go down in hopes that more citizens will wear their masks and get vaccinated.

  • 15 days until New Years

The new year is approaching us after a long, hard-fought past 365 days. I think everyone is tired of Covid-19 but with vaccination rates on the rise, it looks like we are finally making it out of the storm. Prepare your New Year’s resolutions and set your mind to a successful 2022. 

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