Regional Champs Boys’ Lacrosse Welcomes New Assistant Coach

Blake has many competitive sports teams, one of them being the Boys Lacrosse team. They recently introduced the newest member of their staff, Coach Lewis Andrews. Coach Andrews is a volunteer assistant coach for the 2022 Boys Lacrosse Team. He graduated from Northwood High School in 2015 being a team captain of the lacrosse varsity team and graduated from Depauw University in 2019 being a member of the men’s Lacrosse program. He is someone with a lot of experience in the sport and is passionate about teaching new young athletes about the sport. He recently met with students that went to tryouts and said, β€œThe Boys lacrosse program at Blake has a ton of potential with some amazing athletes.”

β€œThe returning players clearly have been coached well in the past as demonstrated not only their individual skill, but they’re knowledgeable of the game,” Coach Andrews said. β€œThe first-year players still have a lot to learn, but the ceiling is very high for them because of their genuine interest in the game of lacrosse.” Coach Andrews also met with our head coaches and faculty members when he first started saying, β€œMy experience at Blake thus far has been positive. The head coaches are passionate about coaching and are running a very respectable program. The facilities at Blake are excellent and the other faculty members I’ve interacted with have represented Blake well.”

Now with our new assistant coach, our Boys Lacrosse team will no doubt have an amazing season.

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