Ranking Every Water Fountain in the School

Whether it’s to fill up your bottle or refresh after a long class, we all use Blake’s water fountains. But unlike people, not all water fountains are created equal. Get ready for the best and worst water fountains and discuss what needs to change.

From crystal clear and ice-cold to lukewarm and cloudy, we tested and graded every water fountain based on four criteria: appearance, taste, temperature, and functionality. Fountains next to each other are rated together. Feel free to view the rankings and grades for all fountains on the chart below. These rankings are based on personal observations.

By far the best water fountain in the school is the one next to the media center, right across from the spiral staircase. We gave it perfect scores for all categories. The water is cold, clean, clear, and this fountain is the only one in the school designed specifically for filling reusable water bottles. This is the quality that Blake and the SGA should strive to replicate. 

Our least favorite water fountain upstairs is one right around the corner from the media center fountain, located next to a glass gallery. This water fountain, when it works, spits out warm gurgling water and is by far the worst upstairs. 

There are not many good water fountains downstairs. Whether the difference of quality between upstairs and downstairs is from excessive usage or lack of maintenance, the water fountains downstairs need some serious attention. The average grade for the upstairs fountains was 84/100, whilst downstairs had an average score of 66/100. There are a few average-quality water fountains downstairs, but none are even close to perfect. About five water fountains are barely functional or simply do not work. Some work too well, shooting water into your face instead of into your mouth. Worry not. All functioning water fountains are regularly tested for dangerous substances.

The infamous pair outside the dance studio is by far the worst in the school. The lower fountain works 50% of the time. The upper fountain has sprayed me in the face several times now. Many worry about cloudy water at Blake. This warm fountain is the prime culprit. While most of the cloudy water from other fountains quickly turns clear, the water from this fountain resembles watered-down milk for up to an hour. If the SGA plans to add a second water bottle filler or the school is looking to fix up a fountain, this is the one.

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