No Mandy?

Just imagine it, you’re sitting in journalism class with a piece almost ready to go up, edits in place, the whole nine yards. But there is just one issue: you can’t figure out how to embed photos into the article. Some editors look busy and the other editors you asked just can’t seem to figure it out either. Then, as if he could read your mind, a boy with two-toned hair clad in earth tones grabs your Chromebook. In less than 10 minutes, the pictures are in the article and it’s uploaded. Who is this saving grace you might be wondering? That is our resident β€œtech support” and section editor, Mandy Sanidad.

Mandy joined journalism as a sophomore but quickly became a staple in the class. Since he skipped his junior year, he technically was only in the class for two years. However, he brought so many great articles and great qualities with him in that short period of time. β€œ[The Blake Beat] will lose a good source of leadership. He is good at creating structure in the class and providing a nice push to make sure everyone is staying on track.” Says Sofia Norberte.

Mandy is a very passionate and persistent person. They instantly became an inspiration to other people in the class. Sanidad always encouraged others to take articles and did his best to keep his classmates focused and motivated. Mandy also became a resource for the freshman, many of them always asking him questions about how to interview, what to edit, or how to work the website. 

Outside of The Blake Beat, Mandy is a big video game enthusiast. Anything Nintendo-related, he has definitely seen and probably has played. Name a Markiplier video and he can probably quote something from it. Sanidad also thoroughly enjoys cosplay and makes a majority of their cosplays on their own! β€œThe first time our friend group all hung out was probably one of the best memories I have. Cosplaying together was also a good one. I can’t just pick one memory they are all so good and Mandy is just such a great person.” Expresses Mandy’s best friend, Lauren Ambe.

One trait of Mandy’s that is agreed on unanimously as everyone’s favorite is how understanding they are. 

β€œMy favorite memory is when Mandy, Nate [a friend of theirs], and I were on facetime for 3 hours. I was ranting at first and Mandy was being so patient with me. He was showing me how much he truly cared about what I had to say. That is something I love about him. Mandy always goes out of his way to truly understand what you’re saying.” Tokyo Constant recalls.

β€œHe is super nice. Mandy is very understanding and caring.” Mars Onyeabo confirms.

Confidence radiates off of this senior. β€œI admire his β€˜be yourself’ attitude. His confidence and personality are contagious. Him being himself is very infectious and you can feel yourself being more confident by just being around him.” Ambe states.

β€œI like Mandy’s personality and how he’s so unapologetically himself wherever, whenever. I think that is very cool of him.” Norberte agrees.

Blake will, but more importantly, I will miss such a funny, caring, and positive person who brightened up my day in just a short 46-period.

Mandy is a talented writer and is a very intelligent person. You’re going to rock Salisbury’s world! The Blake Beat will struggle without your tech-savvy self. And I will struggle to exist in this school without you here! I love you!!!! 

β€œManfy Cat” will always be in our hearts. We miss you already!

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