Montgomery County Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate

Montgomery County is reinstating the indoor mask mandate on Saturday, Nov. 20. Announced yesterday, the county council and health officials have continued to follow the current health order, with the indoor mask mandate paused when there is lower than substantial transmission rate (50 cases per 100,000 people) for seven consecutive days. On Tuesday, cases reached 60 per 100,000 people, hence the reinstatement.

The indoor-mask mandate has been on-and-off since October 28th, when the county had first achieved seven consecutive days of lower than substantial transmissions since August. As temperatures continue to lower and people spend more time inside, cases are less likely to have a considerable drop in the near future.

Although there was a hope that the indoor mask mandate in schools would be released by the second semester, that continues to remain unlikely. But the general consensus from Blake students is that the mandate should have never been lifted since it was first reinstated in August.

β€œIt didn’t make sense to get rid of the mandate in the first place, it was a poor decision for the health of everyone,” says senior Ruba Ibrahim.

β€œI think it’s a great idea,” says junior Nate Lara. β€œI was surprised that they did away with it in the first place.”

β€œThe government cares more about their capitalistic ventures and oozing businesses than people’s safety and health,” comments senior Deena Habash.

Public health and safety is still as important as it was a year and a half ago when COVID was first introduced into the world. Continue to protect yourself and others by wearing your mask, and wearing it correctly.

β€œKeep the mask on. It’s not that hard,” prompts senior Sali McCampbell. β€œWe are still in a pandemic and we should act like it.”

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