How Blake Feels About the Mask Mandate Ending

We talked to Blake’s student body to gauge how students are really feeling about MCPS’ decision to end the mask mandate. This is what they had to say:

β€œI don’t feel comfortable with the decision of MCPS. My father is a smoker who almost died last time we got COVID. I’m afraid what might happen if we get COVID again.” – Anonymous, freshman.

β€œI’m not surprised by the timing, more the decision to make it immediate instead of stating a date. Most of my family is of the opinion that if we followed the mask mandate when it was put in place, we should drop it when we’re told it’s safe. I understand why, but I don’t totally agree. Most likely I’ll feel less obligated in the spring/summer.” – Ava, junior.

β€œI personally feel comfortable without wearing [a mask], but there’s no judgment if my friends still want to wear one, I certainly don’t mind. [I] won’t make them take it off and they won’t make me put one on.” – Anonymous, junior.

β€œ[Ending the mask mandate] won’t change my comfort level. I don’t really care if people don’t wear a mask or not, it’s their choice.” – Anonymous, junior.

β€œ[My friends are] ok with it. Some have their mask off, some have their mask on. No bickering about it… I mean, yeah, a lot of people don’t wanna take off their mask because they are afraid of how people will say [they’re] ugly or don’t look good.” – Emmanuel, freshman.

β€œI think [ending the mask mandate] was a good idea because cases are extremely low and there doesn’t seem to be a virus outbreak on the horizon… After seeing the news and knowing less people that were getting covid, I started to feel more comfortable and not as worried about getting covid.” – Anonymous, junior. 

β€œHonestly speaking, at first I thought it wasn’t safe, and now I just don’t care. It kind of feels like it’s taboo when I don’t have my mask on, like some people are still living in fear, and when they see you without a mask, you’ve committed a sin.” – DΓ΄ublΓ©, sophomore.

β€œ[I’ll be comfortable not wearing a mask] when I’m 100% sure that COVID isn’t a threat to myself and people around me.” – Anonymous, freshman.

β€œIt’s alright. Yes, I’m scared for my older family members getting [COVID], but they should be safe as long as they are wearing masks.” – Jozer, junior.

β€œOverall, I am excited to finally see people’s faces, and I am glad that MCPS is following the guidelines that science research has given us… According to science [my and my family’s] chance of dying or getting very ill is less than 0.003% since being vaccinated.” – Audrey, sophomore.

β€œ[I’d be willing to go maskless] once cases in MD drop significantly to the point I feel comfortable.” – Nate, junior.

β€œ[I] love it! Choice!!” – Anonymous, teacher

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