Fall Sports Superstars

What a time to be a Bengal! The fall sports season this year has been incredible, with amazing team victories and a highlight reel of individual performances. 

After winning the division, the golf team placed 13th at the state tournament. The girls soccer teams had one of their best seasons while boys soccer fell just short of a regional title. Football made its 4th consecutive playoff appearance, finishing 5-5. Field hockey finished 8-7 in the regional semifinals. With all the great news, let’s get to know some of our most successful fall athletes.

 Junior Mathew Slater has been on the golf team since his freshman year. Through golf, Slater has established relationships that played a role in his passion to play. When expressing how golf has impacted his life, Slater says, β€œMy dad got me into the game and I enjoyed playing/practicing” He continues, β€œ the love of the game inspires me to play.”  

Slater playing in golf tournament against Damascus High School

Golf has been a dominant force all season, dismantling the competition. Slater stated, β€œWe [the golf team] just won the division for the first time in over a decade. We did not play well in one match, but we won in the end.”

The girls volleyball season had a rough start but managed to get an impressive 3-2 victory over Wheaton . Senior captain of the team Thao-vy Hoang says, β€œ[We]put up such an amazing fight against really hard teams and it shows how much potential we really have.”  

Β Hoang has played volleyball since her freshman year. Her excitement for the sport developed when she used to practice with her sisters. β€œI just grew into loving the sport,” Hoang says.Β 

Although she does not plan to play after highschool, she loves the memories she has made through the team. β€œMy team kept me really motivated to be a better captain and player in general. They also never failed to make me laugh.” 

Senior team member Kiely Hutchcroft has been on varsity field hockey for three years. Along with her love for the sport, the team is what Hutchcroft expresses keeps her motivated. β€œ My team inspires me everyday. Seeing each and every one of them push through anything and everything for the win,” says Hutchcroft. Field hockey has had yet another successful season, finishing with an 8-7 record in the Regional Semifinals. 

Senior Sydney Konzmann is a four year varsity starter for Girls Soccer. She committed to High Point University and will be playing Division 1 soccer next year. While her family originally motivated her to play, Konzmann highlights how her team has continued to push her the same. β€œThe team [is] like a second family. I honestly spend most of my time with them.” she adds.

Last year the girls went 4-9, but this year they finished 6-6-1. β€œI feel like we’ve had a pretty good season . . . we’ve definitely improved since the beginning of the year.”

In only his fourth year of playing football, senior Teddy Tiokeng is already climbing in the record books and picked up a Division 2 football offer from Notre Dame College. While many College scholarships can be a great motivation for sports, Teddy sees football different.β€œA dream of reuniting my family is what inspires me to play,” says Tiokeng. 

Tiokeng playing in home game against Poolsville

Tiokeng is a two year varsity starter for the football Team. He also notes another source of inspiration is his strong love for the game,  β€œI feel like we will finish strong as a whole as we have continued to improve over the season.” The football team ended their season, in the playoffs, at South Hagerstown.

There’s a definite pride in our Bengals’ results this season. We thank all fall sports athletes and coaches for the dedication and hard work you put into this season.