Engineering: An Elective for Everyone

Welcome! Are you wondering what electives to take next year? Let me tell you about Engineering/Technology Education. These classes are taught by Mr. Deshawn Anderson, an outstanding and intelligent teacher. There are three courses under Tech/Engineering.Β 

One of these courses is Foundations of Technology, which is for students who want to learn about engineering and technology. In this class, you will learn the basics of engineering and the attributes of design while collaborating with others in a work environment. Students with more experience or those who want a career in engineering should take Advanced Technological Applications. In Advanced Technological Applications you will learn about communication technologies, agriculture and related biotechnologies, and other subjects.Β The third course is Advanced DesignΒ Applications, which teaches about different types of technology such as energy and power, manufacturing, construction, and transportation.Β 

How do the classes run day to day? Depending on your assignment, you will either spend time researching information, working with machines, or brainstorming with other people.Β The environment of the classes is welcoming and bright, and you will always feel comfortable in them.Β 

However, these classes are challenging, so don’t go into them expecting an easy time. There is also a lot of hands-on work in these classes, but there won’t be a lot of homework if you finish your assignments in class. Sometimes, you will have to do research at home, so managing your time wisely is key.

All in all, are these classes worth taking? Yes, as long as you’re interested in engineering and courses related to that subject. These courses will teach you stuff that can help you in fields such as aerospace, civil, chemical, or biomedical engineering, architecture, and other engineering-related careers.Β 

These classes are taken for two semesters each, and if you’re really interested in this field, you can sign up for dual enrollment to learn about these subjects at Montgomery College. Many opportunities come to you by taking and truly understanding the information gained by these courses, so apply if you’re interested!