Creative Writing: Elective of the Week

Welcome back to Elective of the Week! This week we are looking at Creative Writing.

To some students, that may sound like a whole lot of nothing. But a lot of students can take this class to expand their horizons on writing. It isn’t a strict, straightforward mandatory English class; you can be free and flexible with whatever you want to write about.  

Creative Writing takes place during 2nd period with Ms. Cohen and 4th period with Dr. Daniel. Taking a look at Ms. Cohen’s class, the vibe in the room is really chill and relaxed. I was able to sit down and watch part of the class and it feels like the students are really welcoming and kind. You can be in the class, write whatever you want (as long as it fits the teacher’s criteria) and talk with friends while some smooth jazz plays in the background. This class would appeal to students who want to break free from the tough chains that a regular English class holds you to.  

Ms. Cohen defines creative writing as, β€œThe ability to be able to write thoughtfully, authentically and individually.” She chose to teach the class because she’s always enjoyed writing creatively and is currently writing her own book. She used to write creatively at an old school where she worked with a Creative Writing club. She says students can be themselves in this class. She goes on to say, β€œOne of the biggest messages and themes for the way I kind of approach the class is for students to know their voice and what they want to say and how to say it.” She recommends this class to other students that want to explore writing in a different way than they would in a traditional English class. She closes out by saying, β€œIf they feel like their love for English writing was lost at some point, I think Creative Writing might reignite that love they have for the English language and writing.”

Marcus Ross, a junior that takes the class, says he wasn’t even supposed to be in the class but stayed because he enjoys writing. He says it’s a very safe space and everybody’s really understanding of each other and each other’s boundaries. He would recommend this class to other students since most of the class is writing how you feel, and being a student really stresses us out. β€œIt’s a good way for students to get everything out there and just feel better about [themselves],” he explains.

If you are a student and these ideals appeal to you, you should really try and take the class the next chance you can. It’s a good opportunity to write candidly about your beliefs and ideas, and the class will accept you for who you are.

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