Are Internet Friends Valid?

We’ve all used social media before. Whether it be posting on Instagram, documenting your life on Snapchat, or trying to go viral on TikTok, we’ve been there, done that. With so many forms of social media, there are many possibilities when using it. You could become an Internet icon with just one ridiculous photo, jumpstart your music career by promoting your songs on your social media or even just simply make some new friends. 

Thanks to the Internet, it’s possible for people to talk to anyone from just about anywhere. Many have used that opportunity to form friendships, but many doubt the validity of Internet friends. However, even if they’re made online, they’re just as legitimate as the friends you’ve made in real life. 

People always complain about how Internet friends are too far to be real, but what defines a real friendship? Is it logical to put physical contact over a strong bond when it comes to determining the legitimacy of a friendship? Would you rather have real-life friends that treat you poorly or online friends that treat you with the kindness you deserve? Your online friends can help you through your hard times, and provide you with good ones as well.

Internet friendships work the same as your real-life relationships. You can bond over shared interests, create inside jokes that’ll have you laughing just at the thought of it or stay up all night texting just as you would do with your physical friends. You can still make memories without seeing them face to face. In addition, if you really want that human contact aspect, there’s Facetime or Skype. You could even meet them in real life if you want to, which is a one of a kind experience that you can’t replicate.

Internet friends are also easier to make for many people. There are shy people who might have trouble speaking in real life but are more confident and comfortable on the Internet. From there, they can create friendships that they couldn’t in real life. Everyone is worthy of friendship, and the way they create one shouldn’t nullify their value. 

There are also doubts about how long-lasting these online friendships are. However, if you talk to them consistently and put the time and effort to create strengthen your bond, you’ll create friendships that will last for years.

I’ve made friends over the internet that I’ve known since I was in eighth grade, and we’re still friends in tenth grade. If you can keep your real life friendships for that long, why not internet friends? I met one of my best friends on Twitter almost two years ago, and to this day I can still proudly say we’re still close as ever. 

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Just like any real-life friendship, you have to work to keep your online friendships. Distance shouldn’t be a roadblock in any kind of relationship. If you really care about a person, put the time and the effort that’s needed in your relationship, even if it’s a little more than usual.

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