Identical E.L.F. Dupes

Are you using a Rare Beauty Blush? 

Do you have the Milk Hydro Primer?

Or have you used the dupe of these products just to have the experience of using what seems like the original? That has seemed to be the motto for E.L.F Cosmetic these past few months. 

Some people might say that these products are just knockoffs as if an E.L.F. can’t think for itself to create new products. But maybe that is not entirely the case. 

Every beginner makeup girly knows about Elf because of their low prices and decent quality. Not every product is going to work for everyone but at least you didn’t have to worry about it killing your wallet. It only created more acne but now for $10 and not $30.

Won’t you be bummed if you would have got into your car and driven to your nearest Ulta or Sephora to buy this 30 to 40-dollar product everyone is raging about on social media only purchase open the beautiful packaging try it for the first time and it breaks you out. That would not only hurt my wallet but also my feelings. Like how dare you not work for my skin. 

Brands like Supergoop, Rare Beauty, and Nars are getting upset about the whole thing. The copying of products and getting sales is the only reason they have. But it’s also not like that company hasΒ  behind the fact thatΒ 

The quality of the products isn’t bad. Even some of the products from all high and mighty brands, are they worth your money? Like the Dior lip oil. Some people who have gotten this $40 lip oil have said it is too watery and you get such a small amount for such a huge price.

Not to say that all high-end products are terrible. the milk hydro grip primer is amazing… so I’ve heard. I have the Laneige Lip Balm and it’s super hydrating. It smells amazing and I love it. Also, the rare beauty blush always gets a high rating for its pigment and formula, and all that good stuff. 

At the end of the day, you can use whatever works for you. Or don’t but I don’t know why you would want to do that. Whether you buy it from a high-end brand or the dupe, it’s truly all about what works best for you.