10+ Thanksgiving Dishes for Those With Alternative Diets

Thanksgiving can be an amazing time to spend with family and friends, and most importantly, a great time to eat! Thanksgiving meals are something that some people look forward to the entire month of November, but have you ever thought of people with special diets?

Finding food alternatives may not seem all that difficult throughout the year when you have a specific diet like being a pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, or even keto, but on a holiday where all the food is solely based on different meats, it can be quite difficult finding alternatives while also trying to keep the traditional Thanksgiving feast that most people would expect.

For some people, finding alternatives may be a bit more difficult if they are the only ones in their household with different diets. Being the only pescetarian in my home, it becomes difficult to find things to eat especially when it comes to holidays. But having delicious recipes on stand by helps me enjoy the holiday just like everyone else.

If you’re having trouble finding Thanksgiving alternatives, here are a few that are not only delicious but could become a part of your everyday menu.

Regardless of what your diet is on this wonderful holiday, there are always amazing and delicious alternatives to turn to that will make this holiday feel like an ordinary Thanksgiving for you and everyone else around you. Don’t forget to eat well and stay safe!