Technology Wizz Mr. Hall Exits Blake Hallways

It’s a Monday morning and you just sat down in class. Naturally, you’re tired and not happy that math is your first period. The teacher steps up to the Promethean board and half-heartedly plays the game of β€œclick on the thing so the pen works.” But the pen doesn’t work. Pure terror fills the teacher’s eyes as their lesson plan falls through the drain, but the beaming smiles of lazy teenagers refill the room with glee. Much to their displeasure, the teacher calls down Timothy C. Hall to save the day. Six clicks and a couple drags of his magic wand fixes the tech issue and class continues as normal.

Mr. Hall started small, by dissecting and (occasionally breaking) various objects he found around the house. Eventually, he worked his way up to messing around with cars, later becoming an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Master Auto Technician of 10 years. β€œβ€‹β€‹I quickly excelled at anything related to engine performance, automotive electronics and electrical systems, brakes, and engine repairs,” he says. β€œWhen I decided to change careers and go back to school for technology these skills and experiences served me well. They continue to do so today.”

β€œHe extensively extends himself and expeditiously replies to the smallest of requests,” says history and psychology teacher Sandy Hajjar. β€œHe knows how much has to happen to effectively teach our kids and he has always encouraged staff to learn more about technology to assist us in this work because we know he will be there within minutes of an email for help. I’ve been in other schools where we could wait for an answer for days or even weeks for help with technology. Tim Hall leaving will leave extremely big shoes to fill.”

The school will be sad to see Mr. Hall go, but the rest of MCPS will be blessed by his presence. He plans to work for three different Montgomery County schools; one middle and two elementary schools. He will continue to work with colleagues on larger school system-wide projects which will benefit students and staff, as he did at Blake. 

β€œMr. Hall is very knowledgeable and responsive. He does the work of a huge team and does it quickly. The school will feel his absence a great deal,” says math teacher Carrie Gleason. β€œHe helps with so much tech stuff and I call on him often! He usually responds immediately after I hit send. I am deeply saddened that he is leaving but hope that he goes to a job that he enjoys and is supported.”

His job isn’t all fun and games so mistakes are expected. β€œ[I recall] causing a power outage in the main network closet of the building a few hours before a long Thanksgiving Weekend,” says Mr. Hall. β€œStaff gave up while building services and I tried to find the circuit breaker for the affected equipment. Most left early. I was asked to do that again the next time staff wanted to leave early.” 

β€œI have around 10 years left until I can retire from the school system,” says Mr. Hall. β€œAfter I retire, I plan on volunteering in some way and engaging with other people around hobbies I enjoy.” 

Anyone who knows Mr. Hall has heard him gush over his two pet cats, Imp and Urchin. They would respond to β€œBEEP BEEP!!!” and know to get out of the way, and β€œKitties all done…” when he wasn’t going to give them anymore treats. β€œUrchin was excellent at it and could catch treats in the dark even. Imp was not as good at catching them unless you waited a few weeks between times when you would do that.”

Mr. Hall has had his cats since they were kittens. Sadly, this past June Imp needed to be euthanized due to complications from kidney disease. Her brother Urchin had a heart attack this past August and faced a similar fate to his sister. While this was painful for Mr. Hall, he knew it was the right thing to do. 

Mr. Hall, lover of cats, connoisseur of chili peppers, and the best computer aid Blake has ever seen; you will be missed. It goes without saying that you will do amazing things no matter where you are. Your future schools are lucky to have you. 

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