Slayfia is Graduating! We Will Miss You!

Many of us may know that the last day for the class of 2022 is this Friday. This means that we have to say goodbye to seeing the seniors roam across the hallways. We officially say goodbye on June 13 when they walk across the stage and grab their diplomas. Unluckily, a whole school year was taken away from us which meant that we had to lose a year of getting to know these amazing seniors. While this year has been weird getting adjusted to, people like Sofia Norberte have made it an amazing experience. 

Girlboss Sofia

Sofia, a Twitter fiend, the comical kpop stan, and a partaker in internet trolling is one of the best editors and people you could’ve met on the Blake Beat. Her presence always brought laughter and uplifted the spirit of every student in the class as a co-Editor-in-Chief.

β€œShe has such a bright personality and they always added so much color to the room,” applauds co-Editor-in-Chief Reese Schenkel. β€œI enjoyed being in class with them and they’re always so helpful as an editor.”

She always had a knack for incorporating humor into her articles and has a writing style that most people couldn’t copy. β€œShe’s a vulnerable writer. [This] really [brought] her audience in,” quipped journalism teacher Mr. O’Toole. β€œShe’s just so knowledgeable and critical of things most teens take for granted or simply don’t think about.”

Sofia is not only a great writer for The Blake Beat but she also shared her skills with other students in the writing center. Sofia’s good heart can’t be said without huge acknowledgment. Through a thorough nomination process, Sofia was chosen to work beside and help other students with their writing skills. 

Sofia with Quynhan

According to the writing center teacher sponsor Dr. Felice,β€œ[Sofia] is super sweet and she’s really nice when she works with the other students. She is quick to jump up when she sees that someone is waiting.” 

Sofia was such a great student and friend who is going to be missed by many.

β€œI’m going to miss Sofia so much when they leave. You can always count on Sofia to be there for you. They’ll give you a shoulder to lean on, an honest opinion, comedic relief, or just time to waste,” Quynhan Nguyen shares. β€œI’ve only known Sofia since September but we’ve grown such a strong friendship over that time that it feels like it’s been years!”

We can’t really imagine how it’s going to be with Sofia being here. She’s such an important person to everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing her. Her aura, personality, and just her as an overall person are 10/10.

Sofia is going to do so many amazing things in things in future and we cant wait to see what she does to flourish into an even better adult.

Sofia, we all love you and we are going to miss you so much!!!

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