MCPS to Combat Racial Barriers with Antiracist Audit

Yesterday, MCPS announced to the community its introduction of the comprehensive Antiracist Audit, a multi-step approach to finally begin addressing the increase of racially motivated violence in the county.

This system has been in the works since last year, and MCPS has spent the last couple of months meeting with students, staff, and the many working parts in the community in order to amass concerns and breakdown where the county needs to begin making changes. 

In the address, the county made sure to highlight that the audit will focus on the district as a whole and will be about the facts of the matter. MCPS will ensure that no one is blamed for the actions of others, with no finger-pointing or shaming.

The audit will be broken down into six areas of specific focusβ€”Workforce Diversity Analysis, Work Conditions: Progress & Barriers, PreK-12 Equity Curriculum Review, Equity Achievement Framework Progress, Community Relations & Engagement, and Evaluation of School Culturesβ€”to ensure that diversity and inclusion are being embedded into every part of school culture.
Data will be collected over this school year and having findings released in June 2022 to create an action plan for the summer. Learn more about the audit here.

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