Lights, Camera, and Action in Blake Halls!

On May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, our theatre classes here at Blake put on performances throughout the school during lunch. They acted out short scenes that were cast, designed, costumed, and performed entirely by our theatre students as a final grade. We were able to catch a few pictures showing the talent of our Theatre Class!  

The first performance, in a C-hall classroom, depicts our Founding Fathers in a modernized conversation.
A heated debate on science lab tables!
At the scene of the murder! Another scene took place in the main gym that same day.
A classic “who-dun-it?” meeting
Royalty and betrayal in the Amphitheater
A house party in the media center! With some less-than-kind friends…
Featuring Editor-in-Chief Reese Schenkel!

Congrats to all of our theatre students on their wonderful performances! We cannot wait to see what kind of scenes or shows you put on next year! If you want to watch these performances, you can see clips of a couple of them below!