Has Music Gone Downhill into Dissonance?

Each person’s music taste is as complex as the person it belongs to. Some people live in the Top 40’s, always up-to-date on the newest chart hits. Others stay far, far away from modern music, and live vicariously in the past. 

With vast fields of music pallets, the quality of music has questionably gone downhill as time goes on. Where Soundcloud rap, bedroom pop and obscure Indie artists reign supreme, can today’s music can even be considered music?

The quality of modern music has arguably deteriorated due to the lack of meaning and substance in lyrics. Nowadays, many songs in popular culture are about topics like drugs or partying, which are not considered profound. 

Driven away by the vulgar and crass contents of today’s music, certain music listeners prefer music with deeper meanings. Although music can be deep, it does not always have to be. There is just no time to question all existence every time a bop plays on the radio. There are no boundaries in lyrical expression. Lyrics can be lighthearted and simple, or outlandlishy obscene. Music should be enjoyable to listen to and enjoyable to make. 

If Cuco wants to sing about his CR-V or Tiny Meat Gang wants to uplift Short Kings, who are we to stop them? If other people can turn their trials and tribulations into tunes, Doja Cat should be allowed to sing about cows. We stan. 

Additionally, the definition of β€œdeep” varies for everyone. What may be shallow to you, may be a heavy and serious subject for other people. Just because you cannot relate to certain songs, does not mean nobody else does. 

Today’s music has not regressed, but showcases a variety of sounds. There are many new genres of music today, and the array of sounds is what makes today’s music industry unique. 

Regardless if it is in the production of the song itself or the voices of the artists, there is so much individuality displayed today. We have an infinite multitude of voices, like the smooth, mellow voice of artists like Summer Walker, to powerhouse vocals of Ariana Grande or the oddly addicting execution of Playboi Carti’s β€œbaby voice.” 

From the experimental and futuristic sounds of musicians like FKA Twigs, or the tranquil, lo-fi influenced music of Clairo, today’s music is unparalleled in diversity. It brings color and life to the world, and I do not see how this could possibly be a downside.

At the end of the day, music is a form of artistic expression, free of boundaries and full of possibilities. The music industry is an ever-changing entity. The 70’s was a discotheque dream and jazz reigned supreme in the early 1900’s. Similarly to people, music has evolved over time, and as always change is good. Change means new opportunities, new lessons to be learned, and new music to be made.