Art Student of the Month: Senior Anjie Santana

Art provided by Santana

Senior Anjie Santana’s exemplary portfolio and passion for art has pushed them to express themselves in their own exclusive way.

Santana enjoys composition and often uses water colors when painting. They express that they prefer to use hatching and curvy lines and avoid using straight lines. A fully rendered painting takes about four to five hours, line work takes three hours, and sketches take two minutes. 

An art piece that they are particularly proud of is a piece consisting of a lot of hand and line work.  Sananta says, β€œHands are hard to draw but fun to work on.”

Art provided by Santana

Santana’s inspiration comes from their emotions, which they try to portray with their work. An art piece that carries meaning to them is a painting of their great-grandfather based on a sketch drawn by their dad.

Santana says their dad has played a big role in their artistic life, influencing and encouraging them in their art, also being an art major. β€œ He was a very artistic person, so that rubbed off on me. So, I spent my entire life doing art like drawing in his old sketchbook,” Santana says.

Art has been a constant in their life. Anjie has taken a total of four art classes, including Drawing and Design, Studio 1, and Comic and Game Illustration. Santana is currently in Studio Art 2 this year and their teacher, Jesse Wieman, saw that Santana’s art stands out in the classroom.

Art provided by Santana

Santana  has collaborated with other art students to help them with their art and give them ideas for art pieces. Anjie expresses that their opinion of their art in changes quite often while making the starting sketch, but less often while they are making the finished piece.

As a whole Anjie is a talented artist that tends to stand out with their work and various art styles. Santana is on the road to becoming a very promising artist.