Ways our School helps the Community

The holiday season is the time to give back. This is supposed to be the happiest time of the year and how better than to make someone else smile. Although, despite the gleeful cliche, it can be very rough for those who are less fortunate. But with the help of our school’s participation, we can make it just a bit easier for some! 

Our school participates in many different drives, and activities to spread that joyous holiday cheer that we highly encourage you and your friends to participate in. As you may know, our school has many clubs that solely focus on giving back to the community. These clubs are great not only for our community but can also help you out with your SSL hours. Some of our clubs that participate in donating and giving back this holiday season include:

Key Club:

Just after our short little Thanksgiving break, Key Club finished planning out one of their great projects. When everyone got back from break, Key Club members started collecting different canned foods for a food drive. 

Not only did they collect canned food, but they also came up with a project where the members of their club make holiday cards for Veterans. This is one of the amazing projects they do which is sure to bring a smile to these Veteran’s faces, which anyone can join to help!Β 

Another amazing project the Key club is doing is happening this Wednesday, the 14th, sandwich making. They get all the members of the club together in the amphitheater and they work together to make as many sandwiches as they can. They create lunch bags with some snacks and the head director gives them to a local charity. It’s a wonderful way to show the members of the club how important and fortunate we are, especially during this time of year!Β 

Black Student Union:

They started the Toys for Tots campaign here at Blake where they set up boxes and posters around the school for people to drop in toys for children who are less fortunate. As a member of the club, they send messages through Remind to get volunteers to help set up posters and boxes around the building. Every kid has a smile on their face when they’re given a toy for Christmas, so imagine how happy these kids will be when given a gift when they’re not rewarded with that luxury often.Β 

With the great work you’re probably doing during the holiday season, it’s important to be grateful while doing so! I hope you enjoy the giving season, but be safe, responsible, and respectful! 

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