Sport Short: Poms Preview

Poms is leaping back on the dance floor for their 2019-2020 season. The poms squad opened their competition season at the Northwest Jaguar Invitational, placing third this past Saturday against seven other Division I schools and winning the β€œBest Drums” award. 

Last year, the team competed in 4 invitationals: Blake, Watkins Mill, Damascus, and Northwest. They placed fourth at all invitationals and ended their season at the MCPS County Competition in fourth place. 

With the addition of 12 new members, the team adds onto a roster of ten returning. Previous years’ rosters usually consisted of 15 or less dancers. Having a roster of 22 improves the visual, giving the audience a more exciting experience. All 12 new members this year came onto the team with zero dance background but were quickly whipped into shape for the season. 

Junior co-captain of the team, Jasmine Hinton, expresses her satisfaction of the new pom members. β€œAt first it was a little rough…but from them, I’ve seen a lot of improvement and I’m really proud of all of them,” says Hinton. 

In the early part of their campaign, four girls received concussions both from practice and out of practice. Out for a month, the concussions made it harder for the team to practice and rehearse for their upcoming performances. Fortunately, they recovered quickly and all 22 members were able to compete in their first competition.Β 

The team will compete at the same invitationals as last year at as well as performing at two basketball games a week.Β This Saturday, look forward to checking out our girls’ competition hosting the Blake Poms Invitational. Come support our Lady Bengals as they fly into first place!

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