The Blake Beat Super Bowl Predictions

Here are our latest Super Bowl predictions here at The Blake Beat, courtesy of (almost) the entire staff.

Mandy Sanidadbengals30-12#weareblake we gotta win
Alayna BrandoliniBengals100-0Idek who the other team is #goblakebengals!
Abdoulie JengRams33-21Rams have Cooper Kupp
Nikhil ParanjapeRams36-24That’s what I think.  It’s jus gonna happen.
Sofia IngridBengals2000000000000000000 – 0Bengal pride! Go score that goal! Beat that team! Go team! I heart sports YASSSSS. Rams flop era. 
Malik JanghaBengals34-31Joe Shiesty.
Josephine AndohRams 57-26Their logo looks better πŸ™‚
Kat ComerRams15-0Because I said so
Mr. O’TooleBengals24-16Bengal Pride!
Indira KarMy Chicken WingsThey smell good and are number one in my heart
Viet NgoRams30-45If the Rams win LA is going to have a crazy party. Like every single rapper in there is going to lose it. Imagine Schoolboy Q’s twitter he’ll lose his mind and then keep calling everybody lil cuh. Then as everybody in LA celebrates, I will sneak in and celebrate with them.
Grey HamiltonBengals54-2Please.

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