Mrs. Koch Joins Briggs Chaney Middle School as the Vice Principle

As the school year comes to an end and teachers prepare to leave for the summer, some members of staff are saying their final goodbyes to our high school. One such individual is Ms. Koch, who has been resident administrator of our school for ten years and as such has become an integral aspect of the Blake community. Due to the arrival of a new intern principal under Mr. Sinclair however, Ms. Koch has been transferred to Briggs Chaney Middle School as the new Vice Principal. Though her absence will be felt around the school in the years to come, it is important to look back at the history of this beloved staff member in order to commemorate her service here at Blake.

Ms. Koch has been administrator at Blake for ten years, and during that time she has seen Blake grow and adapt to the ever changing modern world around it. Though the administrator thinks Blake has many strengths, her biggest criticism of the school is that while Blake is similar to other middle schools in the region, it does not have access to proper transportation options. Ms. Koch states that Blake is in the ”Middle of nowhere, with students being “confined to personal vehicles or the bus”, and having “no other [reliable] forms of transport.” Aside from this singular glaring issue, the staff member has no other significant criticisms of the school. Ms. Koch describes the students here as “generally fine” and the other faculty as “loyal to Blake”.

Before she worked here at Blake, Ms. Koch was a social studies teacher and later administrator at Springbrook for a total of twelve years. During this time and her time at this school, Ms. Koch has developed a unique perspective on the process of running and organizing a school, with her role as an administrator offering many positive attributes as well as negative ones.

Ms. Koch describes the best part of being an administrator as following a class throughout all four years, and ”Watching students mature from the first day that they step in the building” to the day they leave. “They grow throughout the four years and the pride you feel as they walk across the stage four years after [is] immense.” Even with this notable upside, the administrator describes the struggles as significant too, with such a compromising job forcing you to adopt a mindset of making decisions that benefit the greater interests of the school and everyone involved there (“The greater good”), which often comes into conflict with the individual interest of students, parents, and other staff members. Because of this, Ms. Koch describes herself as having “tried to see things from the individuals’ point of view and trying to handle each situation on an individual basis.” Though her job as Blake’s resident administrator has had its ups and downs, Ms. Koch believes that within the struggles of the job she has grown as a person.

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