Gabe’s Guide For Juniors Before Senior Year

Some say your junior year is the most important year of high  school. That is understandable because your junior year is when you take the SAT/ACT, start to prepare for college, and etc. For your junior year to be complete, there are some requirements you have to meet before the end of the year in order for your senior year to be stress-free. . 

The first thing you need to do is meet up with a counselor. “Your counselor will help go over your plan for After high school and review the rising senior packet,” said Mr. Bryon Marshall, Blake’s College and Career counselor.

“Start researching colleges for where you might want to go after high school and start working on your essays for your colleges and scholarships,” says Mr. Marshall. Juniors getting a sense of where they want to go after high school will be beneficial to them when they become seniors because they would have already made up their mind on where they want to go and familiarize themselves with the place. Working on essays will prepare you to perfect your writing skills by the time the actual essays are due.You can use sites like

Setting up a Naviance account and knowing how to use it will help you be more organized and more prepared for the next step. “Every junior who wants to go to college and wants recommendation letters should know how to work naviance,” he says. 

“You should make a list of colleges you know you will apply to in your junior year,” he says.  Making a list of potential colleges you would like to apply to when you are a senior will help you stay on top of your organization and properly prepare you for when you are ready to apply to college.

Taking the SAT/ACT in your junior year is a thing everyone does but if you didn’t, you can still take it in your senior year. “You can take it during your senior year, I will recommend you take it in September or October. Those are the first ones they offer. However seniors should probably look into colleges they want to apply to because a lot of schools are still doing test optional.” says Mr. Marshall.

“Make sure you get your financial aid stuff done; which should be done by October first 2021,” says Mr. Marshall. Paying for college can be very expensive without any type of financial aid so getting financial aid will make it a lot easier for you.

As the school year is ending and summer break is coming, organize yourself and do the things you couldn’t do in your junior year. “ I know the summertime is like your time but you can make a big impact on your senior year college applications process or life after high school planning during your summer. Don’t wait till the last minute knowing your deadlines and due dates especially when it comes to recommendation letters and transcripts are due,” he said.

Planning and knowing where you are going or what you will be doing after high school is the most important thing now.