World News: 2-9-18

From a hate-preacher being banned from a country for the fifth time in his life, to gender neutrality being recognized in a national anthem, the past week has been full of events that changed the world, or at least some people in it.

In Poland, a bill was passed to essentially punish anyone that associates the crimes against humanity involved during The Holocaust with the country of Poland. According to BBC News, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has described [the amendment] as an attempt to rewrite history and deny the Holocaust.”

The Polish nationalist party defends their claim by reminding the world that at that point during World War 2, they had been taken over by the Germans and the Soviets and had no control over Poland. Due to this law, referencing “Polish death camps” in Poland can land you a hefty fine or have you thrown in jail.

Pastor Steven Anderson, of Phoenix, Arizona, has been banned from Jamaica due to his hate-preaching habits that are strongly focused on homophobia. This is not a new concept to him though, as he has been banned already from four other countries: Botswana, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

An example of Anderson’s comments that sparked talks about bans was when he said in 2016 on a radio show that homosexuals should be “stoned to death.”

Canada has changed a line in their national anthem to recognize the voices of gender-neutrality activists. The line in the song changed from, “in all thy sons command,” to, “in all of us command,” according to CBC News. Many Canadian Conservative Senators are upset with the results of the vote, despite refusing to participate in the process.

In Iran, 29 women were arrested for not wearing their hijabs during a protest and were charged with “disturbing public security” on Friday, according to Al Jazeera. In the past few weeks, protests, where Iranian women take off their hijabs and wave them in the air as a show of defiance, have resurfaced all over the country.

In much happier news, a freelance digital director named Jordan Kahana has spent over a year traveling for work with two dogs he found on the side of the road, according to Good News Network. Kahana reportedly found them abandoned on the side of the road in Arizona and the three have been best friends ever since.