Jack O’Grady (Senior) – Jack has been on the paper since he was a sophomore and is currently one of the Editors-in-Chief of the paper. He also writes a regular column on the paper, which he enjoys writing much more than editing anyone’s story.


Avery Alexander (Senior)- Avery is trying her best. She really is. And she’s doing it. I’ve only cried a little bit this year.


Casey Taira (Junior)-  The only thing she would like more than hot pockets and dumplings is for you to read the newspaper.


Camila Ortiz (Junior) – Camila is very honest, if your story is stupid she’ll tell you.


Anjel Cobbs (Senior) – “One hell of a lady!” – New York Times

                                   “I wish I was her.” – Washington Post

                                   “Her voice is almost as cool as mine.” -Morgan Freeman

                                    “My hero.”  -Superwoman



Grace Goodenough (Senior) – You’re graced by my presence and that’s good enough.


Ambika Sikri (Senior) – By the time we are done with this year, the Blake Beat will almost have as many issues as I do 🙂


Andrew Gabriel (Junior) – Maybe one day he’ll get a real job.


Emily Hirsch (Junior)- In the words of The Beatles, “I am the walrus, goo goo goo joob.”


Shrabonti Turna (Beyond Senior)- Shrabonti has been on the paper for 2 years and is one of editors-in-chief. Her opinions may have changed over time, but not the fact that she’s right. Aspiring MILF.


Jessica Nguyen (Junior) – Jessica is a thorough believer in that anything is possible with hard work and determination. That includes writing 450-word articles 45 minutes before the deadline.