With the temperature dropping, do the Uggs start coming?

Ever since I could remember, Ugg brand boots have been the boots to wear in the cold for women, and even men in recent years. Right about now is the perfect time to bring the Uggs out!

In the past weeks, the temperatures have been dropping from 80 degrees to the low 50s. In the morning, the temperature is about 32 degrees, there is frost on the ground, and when you breathe you can see the water vapor come out your mouth. If this is not Ugg worthy weather then I really don’t know if it ever will be.

Uggs provide a warmth and comfort that cannot be given by any old shoes. They are the perfect winter shoe while still being fashionable. For the past two years now, Uggs have become a popular shoe brand for teenage boys to wear in the cold because of their cool designs, when it was mostly girls wearing them before.

Another reason it is important to make sure you have the right shoe is that your toes get cold easily because they do not have major muscles to produce heat, along with fingers, ears, and nose.

Not only is it cold outside, but the end of the quarter is coming to an end. Students are not focused on trying to dress well and look all great. They want to be able to wake up and slip on some comfy sweatpants, a hoodie, and Uggs to top it off with. In the females’ case, they have no laces so you can just slip them on without having to worry about tying your shoes.

Ugg season is the season a lot of us have been looking forward to and it would be more than safe to say that it definitely is time to bring the Uggs out.