Wilson girls stick it to opponents with regional championship goal

In addition to a shared last name varsity field hockey freshmen Nadia Wilson and Natalie Wilson bond over their ambition to bring another regional championship for the team.

Left forward Nadia Wilson and defender Natalie Wilson look to make a big impact since making and being the only freshmen on the team. Being accompanied by returning players and coach Howley, they look to go far into the playoffs.

Physical education teacher and girls varsity coach Patrick Howley expresses confidence in this year’s field hockey team. He says, “I’ve been coaching for Blake since 2009, and I feel this years team is a really determined and tough team.”

The field hockey team has previously made it to states in the teams’ recent history. The teams’ ambition has led them to their path towards earning the titles of consecutive region champions and state semifinalist for the past two years. Coach Howley has had successful seasons and expects a lot every year. He says, “I think we are looking to go far and ultimately win a state championship.”

Nadia’s involvement with field hockey started before coming to blake, as she has gone to several camps and also played on multiple recreational teams year-round for two years.

Nadia also felt comfortable with Natalie being on the team because they were both new to playing varsity.

For Nadia, the transition from middle school to high school requires new adjustments. She says, “Hopefully I will quickly get used to this new environment and learn to love Blake just as much as my teammates.”

Natalie’s experience started when playing field hockey in 4th grade at Mater Amoris Montessori School. Natalie says, “I am very happy with my advancement in skill, and I have become so much better since pre-season started in August.”

In regards to their team dynamic, Natalie feels her and Nadia’s similar-sounding first names have not been a problem. “As long as Howley doesn’t call us by our last names we’ll be fine,” she says.

The team’s main goal is to push far in the playoffs and go to states. Nadia says, “I know that the team and I would love to take another region championship this year like they had the previous year and hopefully play in states!”