Why Winter Formal?

After the worst homecoming dance of my high school tenure, a winter formal would be a nice touch to get that bad taste out of my mouth. SGA can save the day by doing something spontaneous for the deserving Blake student body.

Despite everyone looking elegant and fashionable, the night was relatively disappointing. Blake is known for having interesting and fun homecoming dances, hints why there was a surplus of students from other schools in attendance homecoming night. The cafeteria was nearly packed, so you can’t blame it on the people attending. There was just no hype. The music was dull and out of date, which killed the whole mood overall. More people were smiling and laughing at the photo booth than they were on the dance floor.

In past years you would hear a loud “boo” once the lights were turned on at the end of the dance, but this year you heard sighs of relief and saw people darting for the doors. I blame this years failure on the DJ, as former DJs have had everyone on the dance floor having a good time. Usually, the diverse and relevant music has people dancing all night, which makes the cafeteria hot. But, this year I didn’t even sweat. I was actually cold compared to past years where I had to stand by the windows to cool off.

A winter formal at other schools takes place between homecoming and prom, highlights either Christmas, New Year, or Valentines Day themes and students dress to impress. A Christmas or New Year themed formal would be too soon as more time would be needed to plan this. A Valentine’s Day themed winter dance has a nice ring to it, and people would feel compelled to go. If SGA can somehow collaborate with the administration to get this done, for half price at that because us students need to be redeemed after the big homecoming let down, it would be much appreciated.

If anything, we could start a fundraising campaign for the winter formal, so we don’t have to pay anything at all. During February, the basketball season would be underway, and we could advertise it at the games. A free dance would definitely bring in a crowd, so attendance shouldn’t be a topic of concern.

Also, the school could charge $1 for a picture at the photo booth and could bring about a big profit. Instead of having a king and queen, we should have a “best-dressed” award for the couple whose outfits look the best. A winter formal is a spontaneous idea with a lot of possibilities we could have fun with.