Underclassmen perform together, create lasting bond through band

From their inception in 2016, sophomore Ella Jacobs and freshman Joe Huddle, known collectively as The Breeze, have performed in various venues, including the Fillmore in Downtown Silver Spring.

Jacobs and Huddle met at a local music school in Highland, MD. Jacobs says, “The band came together because of the Tree House School of Music… I really didn’t know much about Joe before, but we bonded over music and he’s been one of my closest friends ever since.”

Jacobs and Huddle went to the same music teacher for their different instruments and were placed into a band together, that band became The Breeze.

Huddle reflects on his most fond musical memory. He says, “My favorite moment of my musical career was the moment that I first played with the Breeze. I immediately found myself learning new things.”

Jacobs reveals her highlight from her time with The Breeze. “Probably our December 2017 performance at the Fillmore,” she says. “We got to do a lot of originals, interact with the crowd… The Fillmore is an incredible venue.”

Huddle chose a different performance as his personal favorite. He says, “The best performance we ever had was, in my opinion, when we performed at the Fillmore in June 2018.”

The Breeze added two more members, juniors Daniel West and Joel Zinkievich, who made their first appearance with the band during Huddle’s preferred performance. “That was the first time we played with the group we have now and it was probably the best we’ve ever sounded,” Huddle adds.

Jacobs expresses her connection with the band. She says, “I’ve been in four bands in my life, but The Breeze is definitely my favorite. Performing at the Highland Tavern, Olney farmers market, a wedding in Virginia and at the Fillmore multiple times are definitely some of my favorite moments.”

Huddle comments on the band’s future. “I think that the band will go until we’re all too busy for it,” he says, “whether that’s the older member of the group going off to college or the younger members finding other interests and struggling to find time for everything.”

Huddle adds, “No matter how it ends, I’ll be happy with what we accomplished in the time we had together.”