Top ranked tennis player strives for glory

As the number-one ranked girls tennis player in the state of Maryland for her age group, junior Aleksandra Karamyshev certainly seems poised for greatness in the sport of tennis and has her sights set on both the collegiate and professional levels.

As a year-round, full-time athlete, Karamyshev trains at the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC) in College Park, Maryland. As a serious and competitive player, she is even provided with accommodations to balance the load of academics and athletics. “I have an abbreviated schedule, [meaning] I leave after fifth period every day,” she says. She uses this opportunity to refine and polish her game, to keep herself atop the rankings for her age group.

To keep herself in optimal shape for competitive match play, Karamyshev utilizes her resources both inside and outside of workouts to gain an edge over opponents. “I work hard each and every day in practice, and [always] ask my coaches for help. I [even] do extra at home if I have to,” she says.

Karamyshev beginnings in the sport started at a very young age. “I’ve been playing tennis since I was three years old,” she says, “My parents decided to sign me up one day, and I guess I just fell in love.”

When she and her family realized that she had what it took to become an elite level tennis player, Karamyshev explains that she dropped everything else to focus on her singular goal. “When I was about ten I decided that tennis was my true passion, so I quit every other sport that I played to train to become the best I could be,” she adds.

At the age of 10, Karamyshev earned the number one ranking for girls tennis in the area. “I’ve been the number one [tennis player] in the Mid-Atlantic region in the ten and under, 12 and under, and 14 and under divisions,” she says.

As an aspiring tennis star, Karamyshev draws inspiration from professional tennis player, Roger Federer. “He’s a legend,” she says. “He’s so fun to watch because his game is so effortless. I aspire to be that polished and effortless on the court.”

Karamyshev believes her winning ways will propel her to future greatness on the collegiate and professional levels. “I plan to play Division One tennis in college and my dream is to one day play professional tennis,” she adds.