There’s snowplace like home, explore fun ways to reinvigorate holiday spirit

Winter break is not always about going on a big family vacation or going out of town. There are so many activities you could do at home to get you in the holiday spirit.

Now that I am older, I feel like I have lost some of that holiday cheer. It is not like when we were younger, when we wrote letters to Santa and were so anxious to open presents. However, there are so many alternative activities we can do to make winter break exciting again.  

For instance, my family and I love to go on walks in the winter to see decorations and Christmas trees. One of our favorite places to visit is the Smithsonian National Zoo to see the zoo lights that run from November 23 to January 1. This is like the starting ceremony of Christmas for us.

With winter break around the corner, we are scrambling to make plans. However, with so much snow, many of them end up getting canceled. There are also so many activities you could do at home to bring back all those good childhood memories.

Simple things like having some friends over and watching some original Christmas movies like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, and The Polar Express are always a good way to start off the holiday season.

Something that will definitely have you ready for the holidays in no time is baking. My family and I always enjoy making little tree-shaped cookies or gingerbread houses, which fill the air with a warm nice smell.

When a blizzard has just passed, leaving a thick sheet of snow behind, there is a good excuse to go outside. You can never be too old to have snowball fights, make snow angels, and, of course, go sledding.

These things never get old or boring, but always fill you with joy. Holidays are not tedious unless you make them so. You just have to dig deep and remember all those thing you used to do as a child to reawaken your holiday spirit, whether it be going out or drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace, all wrapped up in your blanket.