The Hate U Give voices a stronger message for society

Based on the book written by Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give is a film that released October 5 directed by George Tillman Jr that is filled with passion and hope to see a change in the world when it comes to police brutality.

The film contains numerous characters, like the protagonist Amandla Stenberg as Starr Carter, alongside Regina Hall as mother Lisa Carter and Russell Hornsby as father Maverick Carter, who are saddened and angered by the death of Starr’s friend Khalil (Algee Smith).

Starr Carter lives two sides. One side is the poor girl who lives in a predominantly black area with her family. The other side is the fancy white prep school that she attends.

One night Starr attends a party and reunites with her childhood best friend Khalil. In chaotic turn of events, Khalil is killed in the hands of a police officer. His death fills the city with rage and heartbreak, becoming a bigger situation. Starr must choose whether to stick up for her friend or keep quiet about the incident.

The Hate U Give relates to events happening in society today, bringing up conversation about racism and police brutality. It makes you question whether police are racist towards or use excessive force on black people. There are times in the film where it’s devastating to see what’s happening. It makes you want to see unity in the world.

The movie’s big message is to discuss police brutality and bring justice to black people and it also touches on other struggles minorities face. Carter’s attempt to fit into both worlds represents the struggle that mixed-race Americans many face with figuring out their identity and where they belong in society.

Family strength is a big trait shown from the beginning of the film. Not to spoil much, The Carter family opens up the movie having “a talk” of what to do as a black person in America when you are pulled over by a police officer. This scene was very relatable and realistic to a conversation you can have with your own family.

The film is very powerful, giving a strong message about community activism, family strength, and courage.  The setting of Garden Heights relates to real low income places in the world. The characters are well developed and acting is phenomenal. Overall the film explains police brutality from the victims perspective and shows a view of protest strategies.